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Game Description:If your case of March Madness lasts all year round, the instant cure is College Hoops 2K6. The top-rated NCAA basketball franchise raises its game with improved court awareness that gives each player specific attributes including consistency, confidence, and focus. Maximize practice and meetings to get the most from your squad. Grab the Coach's Clipboard to draw up a play during a timeout. Catch up with all the off-season happenings with a preview show hosted by Greg Gumbel and Clark Kellogg. Take part in time-honored traditions like Midnight Madness and Selection Sunday. Then see if you have what it takes to cut down the nets at the Final Four.
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College Hoops 2K6 Cheats

  • Easy Recruiting

    Look for HS JRs that have a high interest in your school and give 'em a phone call and 5 emails a week. When they become HS seniors, their interest would be about 80% and it would be easy to steal them from the big schools. Or, you can recruit a player from the world, they don't care because they want to play very badly.

  • Easy Wins

    Press Start and go to the game sliders. You can raise the percentage of three pointers, dunks, etc. that you make. REMEMBER: This will not harm your season.

  • Recruiting 2

    Its all a game of probabilities. By being pragmatic you will get the best recruiting class for your school. First check to see the highest caliber athlete that is interested in you Secondly , see if he has interests in other schools and if other schools have given him a scholarship offer. Generally it is risky to offer a scholarship to player...

  • Recommended team in Career Mode

    Long Island is nice because most of the high rated players are located in the municipality/locally so they're easier and cheaper to recruit.

  • Recruiting 1

    Small Conference - Sign 2*'s and above Mid-Major (and Major) - Sign 3*'s and above Power - Sign 4*'s and above

  • Utilizing the Press Defense

    By picking "Always" you will give up a lot of fast breaks and easy points, but this will also give your team more chances to score. But, if you really want to focus on winning, pick "Desperation" or "Never"