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Fable: The Lost Chapters News

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  • Fable Creator Peter Molyneux Leaves Lionhead, Microsoft

    It's the end of an era: Video game visionary and all around awesome guy Peter Molyneux announced today that he is leaving his role as the head of development house Lionhead Studio, and also walking away from his role as creative director of Microsoft Studios Europe. “It is with mixed emotions that I made the decision to leave Microsoft...

    Posted March 7, 2012

    Fable Creator Peter Molyneux Leaves Lionhead, Microsoft
  • Fable: The Balverine Order Announced, Includes Fable 3 Exclusive Weapon Code

    Ace Books has announced plans to publish Fable: The Balverine Order, the first tie-in book for Lionhead Studios’ acclaimed action-adventure franchise Fable, this October, just ahead of the release of Fable III. As a bonus for fans, the novel will include a code to redeem an exclusive weapon players will then be able to use in the upcoming...

    Posted September 10, 2010

    Fable: The Balverine Order Announced, Includes Fable 3 Exclusive Weapon Code
  • Fable III May Use Natal Motion Controller

    Peter Molyneux is something of a gaming visionary, so it comes as no surprise that he might be toying with the idea to include Microsoft's new Project Natal motion control peripheral in the next installment of the Fable franchise. Of course, being the shrewd businessman that he is, Molyneux made sure it was very clear that this is not confirmed...

    Posted October 5, 2009

    Fable III May Use Natal Motion Controller
  • Lionhead Preparing Big E3 Presentation

    According to its Twitter page, Lionhead Studios is preparing something big at E3 this year. The tweet-in-question reads: "Lionhead is off to LA for this years E3 and will give a big presentation at the Microsoft press conference on Monday! Watch this space!" Hmmm... Lionhead creative genius Peter Molyneux is prone to building hype...

    Posted May 29, 2009

    Lionhead Preparing Big E3 Presentation
  • Cheap Game Of The Week: 'Fable' On Xbox LIVE

    Fable, the prequel to X-Play's 2008 Game of the Year Fable II, has been available for download on Xbox LIVE for quite some time. This week, Microsoft is giving us all a chance to relive the past for less, discounting Fable's price by 33% to a mere 800 Microsoft Points, or about 10 bucks. It's a great time to relive the over-hype and broken...

    Posted March 16, 2009| 7 Comments

    Cheap Game Of The Week: 'Fable'  On Xbox LIVE
  • Molyneux Too Honest About 'Fable 2'

    For those of us who remember the one-man hype machine that was Peter Molyneux before the release of the first Fable game, we can be excused for not exactly taking the leader of Lionhead Studios at his word. However, Peter is trying to change all that by being incredibly candid about his new game, Fable 2. So candid in fact, that he's been...

    Posted September 29, 2008| 36 Comments

    Molyneux Too Honest About 'Fable 2'


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