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Game Description:Take the court for the most complete rim-rocking basketball experience yet! A new graphics engine helps players look more like their real-life counterparts than ever. They play like it, too, with performance typing that slots everyone into distinct character types: Scorer, Sharpshooter, Stopper, Power, Playmaker, or High-flyer. Each superstar showcases signature moves, and enhanced Freestyle Control combines with an up-tempo style to open the court so they can operate. Run a franchise year-round in Dynasty Mode. Scout, train, and develop new players while watching existing ones evolve their game as the years progress. Online play is more expansive than ever - you can now host All-Star Weekend festivities in cyberspace.
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NBA Live 06 Cheats

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  • One Handed Windmill

    Hold L + A.

  • Cockback Dunk

    Hold L + X.

  • No Look pass

    Press L + Y.

  • Special Bounce pass

    Press L + A.

  • Alley Oop to yourself

    Hold L + Y on a fast break.

  • Around Body pass

    Press L + tap X.

  • Behind The Back pass

    Press L + X.

  • Bounce ball up and dunk

    Hold L + Y.

  • Fake Behind The Back pass

    Press L + B.

  • Fake Shot pass

    While in the air, quickly press L + B, X, Y, or A.

  • Two Handed Tomahawk

    Hold L and tap B.

  • Two Handed Windmill Dunk

    Hold L + Y.

  • Lay up

    Hold L + B.

  • Leaning Tomahawk Dunk

    Hold L and tap A.

  • One handed dunk

    Hold L and tap X.

  • Various different dunks

    Hold L and tap Y.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 2

    Hold L + R then press X(2), Y to do the Vince Carter arm in the rim. If you hold it for a few seconds, he will put his arm pit in the rim for a 50 if you are lucky.

  • Easy My NBA Live points 2

    Get a created player and edit your gameplay settings to all shots 100. Set the quarter length to 2 minutes and shoot 100% for the game. You should get about 2,500 points every time you do this.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 6

    Use the following trick to do a cartwheel between the legs twice dunk. Take off from behind the three point line, then hold L and tap B. Then, hold B until the ball is in your other hand.

  • Throw ball to self

    Click the Right Analog-stick to throw the ball up to yourself.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 9

    When in a slam dunk contest, start at the three point line. Press Right Analog-stick Up for a ball toss then quickly press A, then A again to do a under the leg dunk that should give you a 48 to 50.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 11

    Start at the baseline, just inside the three point line. While moving toward the basket, press B to initiate the dunk. Then, press B to get into the air. You will be in slow motion. Press A as soon as the ball is in the other hand and you will receive either a 49 or 50 score.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 3

    To do a 720 dunk for an automatic 50, while holding the R dunk modifier, run toward the basket and press the one foot 180 gather (Y). As soon as the gather motion starts, quickly rotate the Left Analog-stick counter-clockwise twice then press the Windmill Dunk (Y) again. Release Y just before completing the first rotation and you will...

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 4

    To do a under the legs reverse dunk, starting from the corner of either baseline, run toward the basket and press the two foot 180 gather (X) just as you reach the word "HOUSTON*06" along the baseline. As soon as you start the gather motion, hold Pump Slam (B) button, releasing B as soon as the ball passes under the legs and make contact with...

  • Easy My NBA Live points 1

    Make a perfect team and simulate the whole season. At the end of the playoffs you will get a call that says how many points for season tasks you got. Usually if your team is good you will get about 8,000 points to spend. This takes time, but it also gets you a lot of points.

  • Easy points

    To get easy points in Dynasty, Play Now, or any other mode, get an outside scorer and press L + X. He will put the ball behind his back lay it up. It cannot be stopped even by a inside stopper and always works.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 1

    When in the Slam Dunk Contest, tap X, then hold B to do MJ's 1988 Slam Dunk. If you do it from the free throw line it is an automatic 50.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 10

    When running beyond the three point line, tap A, then hold A. You will usually do an under the legs dunk for a 50. REMEMBER: Do not use dunk twice.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 5

    To do a cartwheel in the dunk contest, hold L + R + B.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 7

    An easy way to get a 50 in the dunk contest is to press Y, rotate the Left Analog-stick, and hold A to do a 360 under the legs.

  • Slam Dunk Contest points 8

    To do an automatic 50 Cartwheel Dunk, hold L + R from the three-point line. Then, tap B and hold B until the ball is under his legs.