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  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Toys for Bob
  • Release Date:May 23, 2005
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:Rating Pending (Titles rated "Everyone 10+ (E10+)" may be suitable for ages 10 and older. They may contain cartoon, fantasy, or mild violence, mild language, and/or minimal suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Enter the world of DreamWorks major animated film, Madagascar! Play as one of the four main characters from the Cental Park Zoo: Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, Marty the zebra, and Gloria the hippo. Master each animal's unique skills as you explore New York City and the island of Madagascar. Help Alex master the use of his claws and roar. Hype Marty's jump and crawl. Roll Gloria as she smashes and bulldozes. Set Melman flying with his helicopter spin and neck-throw! Play mini-games and adventure through 11 chapters, including "Penguin Mutiny," "Lemur Rave," and "Marty's Escape"!
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Madagascar Cheats

  • All power-ups

    Enter the following while playing the game.

    Code: B, A(2), B, Y, L, X, R, L

  • Invincibility

    Enter the following while playing the game.

    Code: Up, Down, A(2), R, L, Black, White, Y, X, B

  • Level select

    Enter the following while playing the game.

    Code: R(2), B, White, L, A, Y, R, Y

  • Easy coins 1

    In level 3 as Gloria (the hippo), hit thirty cars to get 15 coins. REMEMBER: this only works once.

  • Easy coins 2

    Get 30 coins, then go to the Zoovenir Shop. Buy the Coin Magnet, which will make nearby coins come to you.

  • Police

    When taking on the police you can use the statues, manholes, cages, and carts.

  • The Banquet

    Go to the main lemur that is on the drum where all the food lies. Talk to him ten times in a row to earn food. REMEMBER: This can only be done two times.

  • How to beat leader Foosa

    When you are facing the leader Foosa at the very end when you are on a platform with spikes around you, he will first make the back catch on fire then start chasing you. He will get tired and give you a chance to hit him. After that, he will blow green air at you. Keep jumping. He will then go to the other side of the platform and start to give...

  • Marty's Rescue

    On marty's rescue, at the beginning, kick all the glowing plants to get monkey money.

  • Bird Flying mini-game

    When in level 3, go in the right subway entrance to find one of the arcade games.

  • Easy coins 3

    After completing the game, you can go back and get all the coins that were in the water that you could not get before.