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Game Description:MVP Baseball 2005 is loaded with enhancements! With a new Precision Pitch Meter you can catch runners with unparalleled pickoff control. Own the plate by changing your position in the box to adjust where the pitcher is working for you. Enhanced big play control means you can make an underhand toss to the pitcher as he sprints to cover first, slide around a tag at home, and make user-controlled stretches and dives. An all-new manual leadoff control helps you beat pickoff throws. In the Owner mode you can build your baseball empire, controlling every aspect of your organization. Advanced Single A squads and additional stadiums have also been added to round out the list of teams available in the minor league system.
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MVP Baseball 2005 Cheats

  • All rewards, stadiums, legendary players, and uniforms

    Create a player with the following name.

    Code: Katie Roy

  • Bad hitter

    Create a player with the following name.

    Code: erik kiss

  • Big hitter

    Create a player with the following name.

    Code: keegan paterson, jacob paterson, or isaiah paterson

  • Boston Red Sox St. Patrick's Day jersey

    Create a player with the following name.

    Code: Neverlose Sight

  • Increase Body Size

    Create a player with the following name.

    Code: kenny lee

  • Legends Team

    Unlock each of the 25 Legends Team players.

  • Making of Owner Mode feature

    Buy all stadium upgrades in owner mode.

  • Heroes Team

    Unlock each of the 25 Heroes Team players.

  • Getting money in owner mode 8

    Keep your ticket prices at default for the unimportant games early in the season; perhaps even lower them a bit early in the season to get people through the door. In crucial September games and the playoffs, raise them to a reasonably high level. Fan satisfaction is higher then, and they are willing to pay more.

  • Getting money in owner mode 10

    Turn off fair trades. Check your rosters after the first few seasons to get rid of old overpriced players for cheap youngsters. You can even edit young 20 to 22 year olds in rosters.

  • Getting money in owner mode 3

    Select a team that is championship caliber. You will make more money by hosting big games. For example, good teams like Chicago, Boston, New York, or St. Louis. You will make somewhere about $500,000 for each playoff game.

  • Getting money in owner mode 5

    Turn off injuries, suspensions, and computer trades. This makes simulating a whole season much faster.

  • Getting money in owner mode 2

    Use the following tricks to earn money in owner mode. REMEMBER: Save the game early and often. Also be patient, as this may take awhile:

  • Getting money in owner mode 7

    Never let your team have a losing year. That is the easiest way to get into a huge hole. In fact, make sure you go deep into the playoffs in the first few years.

  • Pitching

    If a good prospect is doing poorly in the minors, try hiring a new pitching coach or batting coach to put some spark back into their game.

  • Getting money in owner mode 9

    After the postseason, spend all the money that you have earned on ballpark upgrades (mostly seating capacity). The more seats, the more money you will earn.

  • Getting money in owner mode 1

    If people are not attending your games, you will have difficulty making money. Make sure the Fan Happiness meter is high and you schedule Promotional Days occasionally to keep people coming out to the ballpark.

  • Getting money in owner mode 4

    Okay we now know the trick for trading away all your overpriced players away, and a lot of you i imagine didnt want to do that cause of some of your attachments to some players, well all you have to do is at the MVP Baseball main menu is go to rosters, then turn your favorite players into bad players, then save the roster, start a new dynasty or...

  • Getting money in owner mode 6

    Use the money that is initially in your bank to purchase merchandise stands and concessions. The more revenue you stream in, the more chance you have to gain money in the future. Spend all your starting money (remember promotion days) quickly, as you will go into the negatives quickly.