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Game Description:Get back to your gaming roots with 85 games that started the video game revolution, all faithfully reproduced! Eighteen classic arcade titles include some of the most addictive games ever, like Asteroids, Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, Warlords, Pong, and Crystal Castles. Five bonus games, unseen since the 1980s, have been included: Steeplechase, Off the Wall, Blackjack, Desert Falcon, and Sprintmaster. Atari rounds out the collection with 62 unforgettable Atari 2600 favorites such as Adventure, Circus Atari, Millipede, Outlaw, Breakout, Gravitar, Submarine Commander, Swordquest, Yars' Revenge, Dodge ', Maze Craze, Space War, Slot Racers, Quadrun, and many more. Put a new twist on the classics with Time Warp, Trippy Mode, Double Speed, and other Challenge Modes.
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Atari Anthology Cheats

  • Asteroids Second Dimension Shooting

    You must be at the side top or bottom of the screen. Then, shoot towards that part of the screen. Watch the opposite screen to see your shots come through. REMEMBER: This works best when a asteroid is on the opposite side, as you will have a chance of exploding it.