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Game Description:ESPN NHL 2K5 makes an impressive bid for best hockey game of the year. Besides awesome new graphics, smooth animations, and expanded league play and depth, NHL 2K5 features a massive online presence. Online tournaments, stats, and leagues make for a virtual NHL world perfect for fans of the ice, stick and puck. An all-new Contact Control also allows for more exacting defensive manuevres, checks and fighting while a new Party Mode throws you into a multiplayer frenzy of mini-games and challenges. ESPN's Gary Thorne and Bill Clement commentate over on and off the ice.
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ESPN NHL 2K5 Cheats

  • All Skybox Bonuses

    Enter the following profile name.

    Code: LuvLeafs

  • Hidden Skills Competitions

    Finish the skills competitions without using more than three continues during the entire time. Then, hold Up selecting the "Skills Competition" option to see more skills competition options.

  • 3-minute power play

    When a fight starts, if you don\'t push any buttons during the fight, you will only get a roughing call, and when the 2:00 is up, you'll have a 3 minute powerplay.