Deadlands - XBX

Game Description:Deadlands is based on the pen-and-paper RPG of the same name, set in an alternate version of the Old West. In this 1877, a massive earthquake has exposed a super-powerful fuel source known as "ghost rock." Inventors experiment with ghost rock to produce strange amalgams of advanced technology and steam-era mechanics, some of which even defy the laws of physics. The surreal landscape of the Weird West also contains the Reckoners, evil supernatural beings that are terrorizing the people. It's you versus the Reckoners in this imaginative action RPG. Deadlands uses the same engine as Call of Cthulhu to produce wide open environments. Due to its setting, the game features some decidedly Old West scenarios, such as duels at high noon or horseback riding scenes. You can also form a multiplayer "possee" to go out hunting Reckoners.
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