NBA Inside Drive 2004 - XBX

Game Description:NBA Inside Drive comes to XSN Sports! Now you can go to the centralized XSNsports.com Web site to organize NBA teams, set schedules and join leagues. For NBA Inside Drive 2004 you will also find head-to-head games, roster updates, and player rankings. Through Xbox Live, PCs and cell phones, you will also receive news, stats, scores and trade proposals! With Shaquille O'Neal on the cover, NBA Inside Drive 2004 pays homage to the big guys with a new Power Post Play feature, allowing for awesome post control and moves. Revamped A.I., an improved passing scheme, more offensive and defensive control, and a 25 season Dynasty Mode will please hardcore NBA gamers. NBA Inside Drive 2004 uses the horsepower and innovation of the Xbox to deliver the ultimate NBA fantasy!
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