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Game Description:What separates NCAA March Madness 2004 from its competitors? This time around, EA developed an insanely deep Dynasty Mode that spans 30 years! Players can also play with 320 Division I schools, including authentic fight songs, mascots and arenas. Further separating NCAA March Madness 2004 from the pack is its awesome ball control. Use EA's two-handed EA SPORTS Freestyle Control to pull off complex moves like crossovers, triple threats, strip steals, post moves and more! Advanced controls also enable you to adjust your moves mid-air, evading blocks or drawing offensive fouls with a Take Charge button.
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NCAA March Madness 2004 Cheats

  • Alley-Oops

    Performing this high-flying move is easier than ever in this installment of the game. Throw an alley-oop to a player near the free throw line and he will catch the ball and shoot a high percentage field goal.

  • Facing up the ball carrier

    In order to face up the ball carrier, hold the Right Analog-stick Down. Your player will drop into an aggressive defensive stance. From here, you have full mobility with your player using the Left Analog-stick.