ESPN NBA Basketball Cheats - XBX

  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre:Sports
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Release Date:Oct 27, 2003
  • # of Players:4 players
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Everyone)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Shoot the lights out! Slam dunk in your opponent's face! Send your opponent back to the floor with a slam dunk rejection! In ESPN NBA Bastketball you will find total play control with incredible dribble moves, no-look passes and lightnening quick defensive reflexes. Real NBA pace and look are even more authentic, with awesome graphics, animation and fast gameplay. Jam it to the hoop with crossovers, dominant slams and fast breaks. An ESPN presentation with detailed visuals, smart camera intelligence, picture-in-picture introductions and color commentary seals the deal. ESPN NBA Basketball will take you all the way. Live the NBA dream!
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ESPN NBA Basketball Cheats

  • Every item in 24/7 mode

    Enter the following first and last name.


  • Superstars team

    Get 100 steals.

  • Rookie Class team

    Accumulate a total of 100 points scored.

  • Rock ball

    Finish ten games in street mode.

  • 2K4 team

    Get fifteen double-doubles.

  • Ooga Booga ball

    Finish fifteen games in street mode.

  • ABA ball

    Finish one game in street mode.

  • Boss #3 court playable in street mode

    Beat the third Boss in 24/7 mode.

  • All Central Retros jerseys

    Win five times with any Central division team.

  • Sega Sports Challenge team

    Win one game in exhibition mode.

  • Sega team

    Accumulate ten hours of game play.

  • Bonus street court

    Finish twenty games in street mode.

  • All-Time 76ers team

    Get 150 rebounds.

  • Boss #1 court in street mode

    Beat the first Boss in 24/7 mode.

  • All-time Lakers team

    Steal the ball twenty times.

  • Menu color 3

    Upon winning the championship in franchise mode.

  • Menu music album 1

    Finish a game in season mode.

  • Menu music album 2

    Upon winning the championship in a 14 game season.

  • Menu color 2

    Finish one season in franchise mode.

  • Menu color 5

    Finish 30 years in franchise mode.

  • Menu music album 3

    Upon winning the championship in a 28 game season.

  • Menu music album 4

    Upon winning the championship in a 56 game season.

  • Menu color 1

    Finish a game in franchise mode.

  • Hall Of Fame difficulty

    Reach 100% of the unlockable bonuses.

  • All Atlantic Retros jerseys

    Win five times with any Atlantic division team.

  • All Midwest Retros jerseys

    Win five times with any Midwest division team.

  • Boss #2 court in street mode

    Beat the second Boss in 24/7 mode.

  • All-Time Sonics team

    Finish 150 assists.

  • Menu color 4

    Finish 15 years in franchise mode.

  • VC team

    Get fifteen triple-doubles.

  • All Pacific Retros jerseys

    Win five times with any Pacific division team.

  • All-Time Celtics team

    Block 100 shots.

  • Menu music album 5

    Upon winning the championship in a 82 game season.

  • Sophomore Class team

    Accumulate a total of 500 points scored.

  • ESPN ball

    Finish five games in street mode.

  • Exploding ball in street mode

    Reach 50% of the unlockable bonuses.

  • Free Throw Fun

    This particular title lets opposing gamers confuse the potential free throw shooter by pushing the trigger buttons. If your opponent is shooting a free throw you can push the trigger button to shake your opponents controller. Timing is key in this tactical measure.

  • Online roster updates

    Certain inaccuracies accompany the game such as Antoine Walker being on the Celtics (traded to the Dallas Mavericks), but if you can get online roster updates for this title on both systems. (EA Sports NBA Live 2003 is not on Xbox Live).

  • Real life mannerisms

    Look for little touches in this Sega basketball title. For instance, Jason Kidd will blow a kiss into the air before he shoots a free throw (which he does in real life).

  • IsoMotion Control

    Innovative control system which allows gamers to make split second decisions. When playing against friends and/or in close games this control system should be utilized. For instance an offensive player with the ball can use IsoMotion controls to make a move toward the basket and the defensive player can use his IsoMotion control to draw a...

  • Alley-oop

    When your teammate is in position and the opportunity presents itself, push A + X to alley-oop the ball to him. This installment of the game makes it much easier to perform an alley-oop compared its predecessor.