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Game Description:Crash Bandicoot has come to kart-racing! Abducted by the evil Emperor Velo and forced to race in his galactic coliseum, Crash must now race to the finish or Earth will be destroyed! Race on over 17 otherworldy tracks in 4 worlds, including jungles, space stations, fantasmic cities and more. Choose to race as Crash or any of the Crash characters you know and love, and take to the galactic speedways with transforming karts that adapt to multiple environments. In up to 8-player racing modes, compete against your buddies or battle it out in huge Battle Arenas. Blast your opponents with Homing Missiles, Mines and Tornadoes. Kart-racing just got a whole lot wackier, Crash Bandicoot-style!
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Crash Nitro Kart Cheats

  • Hyper Spaceway track

    Finish in first place in all sixteen races in adventure mode. This includes the four Boss races as well as the twelve normal races. You will then be challenged by Velo to a race on the Hyper Spaceway track, which will now become unlocked in the other modes.

  • Terra Drome track

    Get all purple tokens in adventure mode.

  • Krunk Loses FMV

    Get one key.

  • Geary Loses FMV

    Get four keys.

  • Nash Loses FMV

    Get two keys.

  • Norm Loses FMV

    Get three keys.

  • Losing to Velo FMV

    Get four keys.

  • Defeat Velo with 100 % FMV

    Get four keys, have thirteen relics, and one Scepter.

  • Defeat Velo without 100 % FMV

    Get four keys.

  • Defeat Velo without 100% FMV

    Get four keys.

  • Challenging Geary FMV

    Win twelve trophies.

  • Challenging Krunk FMV

    Win three trophies.

  • Challenging Nash FMV

    Win six trophies.

  • Challenging Velo FMV

    Get four keys.

  • Unlock N Trophy

    Beat all N. Trophy ghost racers in race time trial mode.

  • Unlock Real Velo

    Get two Scepters.

  • Unlock Polar

    Get one Blue Gem

  • Unlock Pura

    Get over 50 boosts on any track as Team Bandicoot in adventure mode.

  • Defeat Velo with 100% FMV

    Get four keys, thirteen Relics, and one Scepter.

  • Unlock Zam 1

    Get one Purple Gem.

  • Unlock Zem 2

    Get one Green Gem.

  • Dingodile

    Get one red gem.

  • Unlock Fake Crash

    Get over 50 boosts on a track as Team Cortex in adventure mode.

  • Challenging Norm FMV

    Win nine trophies.

  • Jungle Boggie Token letter

    During the race you will see a track with a fence in the air. Use the hill to jump on it. There is a CNK token letter up there.