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Shenmue III
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre:Adventure
  • Developer: SEGA-AM2
  • Release Date:Jan 1, 0001
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:Rating Pending
  • Platforms:
Game Description: Originally expected to follow on the move of Shenmue II to Xbox, Shenmue III would continue Ryo Hazuki's epic adventure across Hong Kong and Japan as he seeks revenge for the death of his father.
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Shenmue III News

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  • Shenmue Ending: Yu Suzuki Explains It All

    Game designer Yu Suzuki never finished his heralded Shenmue series -- the last game in the series, Shenmue 2, was released back in 2002 for the original Xbox, and fans never got to see how the story would end. In the video below, from those jokesters at Mega64, Suzuki finally reveals how he would like the series to end... and it's a...

    Posted March 8, 2011

    Shenmue Ending: Yu Suzuki Explains It All
  • Angry 'Shenmue' Fans Organize Sega Protest Via MySpace

    Shenmue fans angered by the apparent cancellation of the third and final chapter in the series are using MySpace to organize a non-violent protest. The rebels aim to mail as many toy capsules as possible to Sega of Japan between November 27 and December 29. The web page states: "The date is almost here, and i've received many replies from...

    Posted November 26, 2008| 13 Comments

    Angry 'Shenmue' Fans Organize Sega Protest Via MySpace
  • Sega: Yu Suzuki's Not Working Here Anymore

    Update: Epic fail by Sega of America President Simon Jeffrey. As Kotaku reports, Jeffrey reinstated that one of Sega's creative force, Yu Suzuki, is still in the company's payroll as a leading "creative officer". Big sigh of relief there for Suzuki fans. So look at the story below as a motivation to watch what you say, before it gets...

    Posted August 12, 2008| 8 Comments

    Sega: Yu Suzuki's Not Working Here Anymore
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