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  • Publisher: Vivendi Universal
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer: 2015
  • Release Date:Oct 20, 2004
  • # of Players:2 players
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Titles rated "Mature (M)" may be suitable for ages 17 and older. They may include more intense violence or language than products rated "Teen" as well as mature sexual themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Combining the latest Unreal technology with the gameplay expertise of 2015, Men of Valor immerses you deep inside the humid jungles of Southeast Asia in one of the most controversial conflicts of the modern era. As new recruit Dean Shepard you will fight and adventure through 16 missions based on real historical events and battles, from the coastal plains of Chu Lai to the ancient city of Hue and the Tet Offensive. Men of Valor also features online multiplayer modes, and a full-mission two-player co-op mode using Xbox Live or split-screen System Link.
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Men of Valor Cheats

  • Rocket Launcher

    When playing the game on Hard mode, when reach the level where you have to find the News Reporters in the village after loosing them, walk around the edge of the area next to the bushes, in a bush you will find a Rocket Launcher.

  • General strategies

    Treat every level like a real combat situation. Continually advance, but always get cover as soon as possible. Take as much time as needed, within reason. Never enter a building without throwing in a grenade first, or if there is windows, aim your sight at them from a safe distance while keeping cover. Your sight will show you where they are....

  • Rushing the hill

    When you are rushing the hill under easy difficulty, just rush up the right side. If you try to kill everyone first it will not work -- they just keep appearing.