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Game Description:Project Gotham Racing returns with more speed and style. Improving on the success of the first Project Gotham Racing for Xbox, PGR 2 still centers around the Kudos system. Earn Kudos by pulling off tricks, power slides, two-wheel turns and combinations. You must win not only by being the fastest, but the slickest, sickest racer of them all! PGR 2 also boasts more incerdibly detailed and photorealistic courses and cars. Race through Chicago, Edinburgh, Moscow and Florence. Drive the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche GT2, BMW Z4, Pontiac GTO, Mini Cooper S and more. Play online with Xbox Live against your friends, or hook up a system link for head-to-head competition.
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Project Gotham Racing 2 Cheats

  • TVR Cerbera Speed 12

    By winning the Kudos Challenge with a Platinum medal.

  • Delfino Feroce

    By winning the the Kudos Challenge with a Steel medal.

  • Mercedes CLK-GTR

    By winning the Kudos Challenge with a Gold medal.

  • High scoring

    There seems to be a loop hole to get great combo bonuses. Unlike the original Project Gotham Racing, this game allows you to go through the cone gates twice. You can go through either forwards or backwards, and hence build up your combo bonuses.

  • Ferrari 250 GTO

    By winning the Kudos Challenge with a Bronze medal.

  • Unlocking cars

    Win all of the expert (platinum) races in the Kudos World Championships.

  • Geometry Wars mini-game

    Go into the garage and push Y to enter walk mode. Go to the area where there is an arcade game next to some tool boxes and rims, to the right of the garage door. Push A to play the Geometry mini-game. To quit the game, push B, then A. The arcade game is usually in the north area of the garage.

  • Porsche 911 GT1

    By winning the Kudos Challenge with a Silver medal.

  • Better driving and faster laps

    Notice that on all tracks there are skid marks (darker tarmac) before turns and fast bends. When you approach the darker tarmac, hit the brakes and make a concentrated, cleaner turn. This will ensure a faster time and less mistakes.

  • Cone challenges

    When playing cone challenges, remember that it is all about the Kudos. If you look at the top ten ghosts of the Cone Challenge, you will see that people do not complete them fairly. They blatantly cheat by doing many, donuts, slides, and cone gates to accumulate the points. Even though this is not completely fair, it is also not that easy.