Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Cheats - XBX

  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Genre:Sports
  • Developer: Team Ninja
  • Release Date:Jan 23, 2003
  • # of Players:2 players
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Titles rated "Mature (M)" may be suitable for ages 17 and older. They may include more intense violence or language than products rated "Teen" as well as mature sexual themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: The notorious babes of Dead or Alive put on their bikinis and hit the beach to serve, set, and spike their way towards a championship on a gorgeous tropical island. Besides volleyball, play a host of mini-games including DOA-themed poker, roulette, and blackjack, enter a dance contest, and even sign up for a beauty pageant.
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Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Cheats

  • Ending sequence

    Wait for the credits to end to see a extra FMV sequence featuring Zack and the remains of his island.

  • Bonus music tracks

    You can unlock two hidden music tracks in the game: "How Crazy Are You" (by Meja) and "Is This Love" (by Bob Marley). To obtain them, play through the game once. When you resume that saved game file, these two hidden songs will be available in the Radio Station.

  • Gifts the girls will like Lisa

    Lisa - Cactus, Cherry Pie, Doughnuts, Pens, Lavender, Lilies, Pineapples, Ruby, Salad, any books

  • Character Data Hitomi

    Hitomi, German, Karate, Cooking, Sky Blue

  • Extra money 3

    By winning a volleyball game 7 to 0 will earn you 150,000 credits. To ensure you never miss, only use the underhand serve as it is guaranteed to go in. This is a great way to earn money quickly, but requires a lot of effort and a good partner.

  • Give any girl a swimsuit

    Buy the gift, then wait until you get to your hotel. Give them the gift, then immediately choose LEAVE TOMORROW. Then, continue your previous game as the person you gave the swimsuit to. It will automatically be in your inventory.

  • Character Data Lisa

    Lisa, American, Thai Boxing, Surfing/Sister and Host of Zack, Crimson Red/Red, White, and Blue

  • Ending bonus

    Finish the game. When you begin a new game, you can immediately advance to the end. Select the LEAVE TOMORROW option at the hotel or pool menu to skip to the ending.

  • Shops 3

    Accessory Shop has sunglasses, hats, shoes, as well as other pertient items. Remember some items decompose rather quickly (flowers) and must be bought to give as a gift that night or later that day. When giving a girl an accessory remember they might not take that item off until the vacation ends or until you start a new vacation.

  • Character Data Ayane

    Ayane, Japanese, Mugen Tenshin, Beauty Treatment/Ninja, Dark Purple

  • Character Data Helena

    Helena, French, Pi Qua Quan, Walking/Opera Singer, Pearl White

  • Disable commentary

    Enter to the options menu, then change Zack's language to Japanese.

  • Extra money 1

    By playing Dead Or Alive 3 and select a character that also appears in Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball in survival mode. The more wins you have in survival mode, the more money you will start with in Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

  • Gifts the girls will like Hitomi

    Hitomi - Chocolate Cake, Emerald, Frying Pan, Hourglass, Cooking Appliances, Music Boxes, Milk, All Recipes, Sachertorte, Silver Place Settings

  • Gifts the girls will like Leifang

    Leifang - Chinese Deserts, Fans, Diamond, Nunchaku, Orange Juice, Teddy Bears

  • The Hopping Game

    You can make some extra money by playing this game, which has you jumping across floating pillows. The best way to play this game is by skipping along the pillows. Once one foot touches a pillow you should move forward to the next.

  • Winning Casino Games

    The best games to play in the casino are blackjack and poker. These games work on standard rules and tips for the games can be found on your favorite search engines.

  • Character Data Kasumi

    Kasumi, Japanese, Ninja, Fortune Telling/Runaway Shinobi, Milky Pink

  • Food

    If your character is not performing very well, take them to get some juice or food to eat. Afterwards, do the pool hopping game to increase their response and enthusiasm.

  • Gifts the girls will like Ayane

    Ayane - Marrons Glaces, anything purple, Grape Juice, Peridot , Shurikens, any brooch

  • Lock view

    When viewing a "Gravure" movie or another camera-controlled angle, click the Right Analog-stick to lock and unlock the desired angle.

  • Character Data Christie

    Christie, British, She Quan, Driving/Assassin, Black

  • Character Data Lei Fang

    Lei Fang, Chinese, T'ai Chi Quan, Aromatherapy/College Student, Lemon Yellow

  • Extra money 2

    In a volleyball match, the less points the opposing team scores, the more money you will end up getting.

  • Gifts the girls will like Christie

    Christie - Tomato Juice, Driving, Knives, Guitars, Guns, Steering Wheel, Turquoise, Union Jack

  • Moving your partner

    If you do not like the position in which your partner is standing during a match, you can move them by using the Right Analog-stick.

  • Swimsuits in exhibition mode

    Earn or buy swimsuits in story mode (Zack's Island). The swimsuits that you acquire in that mode will also be available in exhibition mode.

  • Extra Items

    Give a lot of gifts to one character and complete that game. Start a new game on that saved game file and choose to play as the character that received the gifts in the previous game. Those items will be available in your inventory in the new game.

  • Gifts the girls will like Helena

    Helena - Blanc Manger, Blue Conch, Candles, Dolphins, French Bread, Garnet, Perfume, all Murex

  • Shops 1

    Zack of All Trades contains gifts which appeal to a specific partner. But not swimming suits. Be careful not to keep food to long as it will spoil. By food for consumption that night or that moment.

  • Almost Naked Lei Fang

    Wait until after the fourth day for the Oreial swimsuit. It barely covers her skin, but will cost a lot of money (600,000).

  • Character Data Tina

    Tina, American, Roman-Style Wrestling, Singer/Entertainer/Pro Wrestler, Turquoise/Red, White, and Blue

  • Gifts the girls will like Kasumi

    Kasumi - Anything strawberry, Millefeuille, Amethyst, Balloons, Origami, Cushions, Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Brooch

  • Gifts the girls will like Tina

    Tina - Seafood, Cycling, Videogames, blue and/or red Guitars, Brooch, Pistols and Guns, Xboxes, Turquoise, Ukulele

  • Shops 2

    Sports Shop contains swimsuits and bikinis. After purchasing these suits/beach wear you will unlock them in exhibition mode.