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Game Description:From the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog comes the first four-dimensional game. Blinx the cat is a janitor at the Time Factory, sweeping up time crystals to make a living. When a pack of kidnappers threatens to steal the crystals and gain control of Time itself, Blinx must become a hero! The stunning visuals of the game are secondary to the unique game play -- you can manipulate time to your advantage by stopping, slowing down, or reversing time. With the "record" option, you can even loop back in time and play beside yourself!
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Blinx: The Time Sweeper Cheats

  • Easy Money

    Choose to fight the Boss of Hourglass Caves. The Boss of Hourglass Caves  is easy, and can be beat in under a minute. Kill him, and get as close to the location he was last at when he died. If you are in the correct location, you will pick up all of the money he spits out. Beat a boss and collect all the gold coins. When you finish collecting...

  • Forgotten City Boss

    Use the water in the middle. The Boss for some reason cannot go into the water. If you are in there, you can get to the correct location and hit him from behind.