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The Last Ninja
Game Description:Gamers play Armakuni, the last surviving member of the greatest Ninja clan during the Edo period of Japan. The clan was destroyed by the evil Shogun, Kunitoki, whose plan is to hold sway over Japan through the use of military might and dark magic. Armakuni's self imposed mission is to free the populace from the grip of Kunitoki's dark powers, defeat all aides and henchmen of the evil Shogun (including demons) and avenge the destruction of the Ninja clan by destroying Kunitoki himself. While the game is a solitary mission, there is a mentor, Makrin, for the player that acts as a guiding spirit throughout the game. Makrin appears to the player at key trigger points, for example at the beginning of a level, and can also be summoned by the player at specific locations when he needs help. He directs Armakuni to go to certain places, suggests courses of actions at appropriate times. THE LAST NINJA is a combination of action, adventure, strategy, exploration, stealth, and combat action. Multiple paths to victory allow gamers to progress through the levels using stealth techniques, ninja magic, or in some cases, brute force. Intelligent AI controls the cinematic, third-person camera. Progress through the game has a supporting narrative that clearly defines start and finish conditions for each level.
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