Burnout Cheats - XBX

Game Description:Take a spin in this critically acclaimed demolition racer. Drive faster than your opponents, but if you can't -- run 'em off the road! Actual crash physics makes this a uniquely realistic console racer. Haze and lighting effects add to the danger and the fun. Race on 14 courses in the US and Europe, in any of over 300 vehicles! There's even a heartbeat monitor to sense your driver's stress level -- get rewards for near misses and pulling off dangerous stunts!
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Burnout Cheats

  • Unlock Bus

    Beat the bus in Face Off 4.

  • Unlock Face Off option

    Finish championship mode once to unlock Face Off 1 against the Roadster.

  • Unlock Roadster

    Beat the Roadster in Face Off 1 to unlock it and Face Off 2 against another car.

  • Unlock Saloon GT

    Beat the Saloon GT in Face Off 3.

  • Unlock Towtruck

    Play in championship mode until you unlock Face Off 2 in the special options screen. Beat the Towtruck once to unlock it.

  • Unlock Ending bonuses

    Finish game to unlock the Free Run mode have no vehicles on the road, Free Run Twin mode two player Free Run, and Credits options.

  • Increase your boost and get on the fastest car list

    Drive on the wrong side of the road to keep increasing your boost. You can also drive in the center of a double lane. Use your turbo when your driving on the wrong side to get a half-full or full turbo. This will also help you get on the fastest car list by giving you the boost you need on straightaways.