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Game Description:Triple Play 2002 captures the physical excitement and human drama of Major League Baseball. Pitchers and batters engage in classic duels, colored by detailed character animations and facial expressions. Every stadium is faithfully modeled on its real-world counterpart. Dynamic camerawork, commentary by Bob Costas and Harold Reynolds, and crowd participation intensify deciding moments. You can choose from four game modes, including single-game, season, playoffs, and Home Run Derby. Other features include an improved pitcher-batter interface, Create-A-Player, Fantasy Draft, and Free Agents.
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Triple Play 2002 Cheats

  • Unlock Big bat

    Hit two consecutive home runs.

  • Unlock Bigger ball

    Get six strike outs in one game.

  • Unlock Big ball

    Get three strike outs in one game.

  • Homerun sounds

    Push X when you hit a homerun and a foghorn will sound in the stands.

  • Get More strikeouts

    An easy way to increase your strikeout total is to use the following process. The first two pitches should be fastballs. The first one should be high and the second one should be across your body (pitchers right to batters right). For the third pitch use a slider or breaking ball (I prefer a breaking ball). Near the end of the pitch change the...