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Game Description:Fight to be the undisputed champion of the ring in detailed recreations of Caesar's Palace and Wembley Arena. Train hard, learn to dance and punch with the greats, then take your talent to the top against big names like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Oscar De La Hoya. A honed game control system and a focus on arcade-style action make for a smooth, exciting experience not bogged down in the details and data of a hardcore simulation. Fight against your friends one-on-one or take on the world in Career mode.
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Knockout Kings 2002 Cheats

  • Cheat mode

    Use a created character to After finishing the game you will unlock a cheat. There are a total of five cheats that can be unlocked by repeatedly completing the game.

  • Easily win)

    If you easily want to stun your opponents (all three weight classes) use the following process. When creating a character simply give him the Body Blaster technique as his special move. During a match throw a couple of punches and wait for the CPU to get close and throw a punch. Use the Body Blaster option and repeat as necessary. In a couple of...

  • Easily win)

    When you finish the game you will be given the option to choose a cheat. Teleportation allows you to move around the ring without being touched. If you choose this cheat simply set the fight to one round and land a couple of punches (be winning at the time) and teleport for the remainder of the match. If you do this you will easily win every match.

  • Construct a better created character)

    If you create a boxer remember to set his heart, power, and speed at a high level. Of the three it is most important to set the heart at a high level. If you do this and jab many times it will work rather nicely.