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Game Description:The highly anticipated Star Wars Starfighter offers a complex, epic storyline, fantastic 3D graphics, and intense action gameplay. You follow the interweaving storyline of three different pilots, Rhys, Vana, and Nym, each fighting the evil of the Trade Federation. As the story progresses you'll switch characters, taking on their personas and starships, all with different capabilities and weaponry. You'll fly 14 missions in 14 different richly detailed environments, exploring planets and the outer reaches of space. Game controls are simple and accessible, allowing for a straightforward, exhilarating game experience. This Special Edition includes enhanced graphics, five bonus missions, and new two-player modes.
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Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition Cheats

  • Alternate camera angles:

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    Code: DIRECTOR

  • Bruiser gun:

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    Code: BRUISER

  • Default screen:

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    Code: SIZZLE

  • Disable cockpit displays:

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    Code: NOHUD

  • Enemy ship gallery:

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    Code: SHIPS

  • Invincibility:

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    Code: EARCHIPS

  • Master code: - (Unlocks everything except multi-player mode)

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    Code: EUROPA

  • Pre-production art:

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    Code: PLANETS

  • Programmer FMV sequence:

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    Code: LATEAM

  • Reversed controls:

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    Code: JARJAR

  • Secret level programmers:

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    Code: SLTEAM

  • Secret spaceship for bonus missions:

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    Code: FSNEULB

  • Spaceship and cast pictures:

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    Code: HEROES

  • Trade Federation Freighter:

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    Code: UTILITY

  • View credits:

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    Code: CREDITS

  • Temuera Morrison interview

    Finish the Kashyyyk campaign.

  • Darth Maul's Infiltrator ship

    Earn a gold medal in all default missions.

  • Outpost Attack mission

    Earn a bronze medal in all default missions.

  • Canyon Sprint mission

    Earn a silver medal in the Naboo Proving Grounds, The Royal Escort, Taking The Offensive, Midnight Munitions Run, Rescue On The Solleu, and The Final Assault missions.

  • Guardian Mantis ship

    Earn a gold medal in the Contract Infraction, Secrets On Eos, and The New Resistance missions.

  • Charm's Way mission

    Earn a bronze medal in The Royal Escort, Contract Infraction, Piracy Above Lok, Taking The Offensive, The New Resistance, and The Final Assault missions.

  • Space Sweep mission

    Earn a silver medal in all default missions.

  • Havoc ship

    Earn a gold medal in the Piracy Above Lok, Valuable Goods, Eye Of The Storm, The Crippling Blow, and Last Stand On Naboo missions.

  • Hidden pictures

    Turn around as soon as the Naboo Proving Ground level starts. Follow the canyon until you see a blue force field with a ring in it. All ship information disappears as you near it. Fly through to enter in a room with pictures of the characters from the LucasArts game Outlaws hanging on the walls. Fly back out to continue the level.