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Game Description:Rayman -- he's not just for platform games anymore! This party game lets you race and battle with Rayman and his buddies, with 12 battle arenas and 12 race courses. In the racing levels you can run, climb, swing, slide, and helicopter your way to victory. Watch out for hazards, and be sure to pull the right switches during the race. In the battle levels, you can play Capture the Fly (a version of Capture the Flag) or Lum Fight (collect the lums, and keep your opponents from getting any). Choose any of eight characters from the world of Rayman.
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Rayman Arena Cheats

  • Getting extra skins

    Unlock new skins by finishing the cups in single player mode.

  • Unlock Dark Globox

    By winning the first cup in Obstacle Course.

  • Unlock Henchman 1000

    By winning the first circuit in Total Fight.

  • Unlock Mrs Razorbeard

    By winning the first circuit in Freeze Combat.

  • Unlock Tily

    By winning the first circuit in Time Attack.

  • New special levels

    Complete the Beginner and Pro levels in all single player game modes to unlock new special levels in exhibition mode.

  • How to avoid slowing down)

    While your racing, avoid the green slime because it will slow you down. By using walkways you will avoid this situation.