4x4 Evo 2 Cheats - XBX

Game Description: Take to the open road in one of 70 off-road vehicles! This game includes 15 courses in beautiful outdoor locations. Play for honor and for money, as you customize your vehicle from a large inventory of optional parts. After you've raced your heart out, the action doesn't quit -- goal-based missions will take you to places you've never been. Plug in another player for head-to-head play.
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4x4 Evo 2 Cheats

  • Extra Money

    Enter the following at the "Push Start" screen or main menu.

    Code: Y, X, White, Y, X, White, X(2), Y, White, X, Y

  • Level Select

    Enter the following at the "Push Start" screen or main menu.

    Code: X(2), White(2), Y(2), White, X, Y, Y, X, White

  • Reputation

    Enter the following at the "Push Start" screen or main menu.

    Code: Y(2), White, X(2), White, Y(3), X(3)

  • Easy money in career mode

    After finishing a mission or a race, save the game and return directly to the Garage. Go to "Profiles", then save your profile but do not save the game. Select your slot, remember not to save after choosing it. Push B or Back to return to the mission or race completed screen. Push A, then A again. You will be prompted to save. Select "No" and...

  • Twin turbo system

    You can get a twin turbo system without being a member of the team by purchasing everything that is compatible for the car.

  • Using a winch

    After buying a winch for your truck, you can use it by holding Black then aiming into an anchor spot (for example, a rock or tree). Push A to winch it in, Push B to get slack, and Push Black to detach the line. Remember: You also need a bull bar to use the winch. You can use the winch while moving by first, activating the winch target, then...

  • Easy money

    Choose a mission that has a big reward (such as one of the Alaska missions for $40,000). Complete the mission and get the reward. When prompted to save the mission, answer "Yes" and save it to the "Hard Disk" in an empty slot. Immediately after saving, go directly to the "Garage". Go to the "Profiles" option and choose "Save Profiles"....