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Happy Wars
Game Description: Happy Wars is a comical large-scale multiplayer action game, and the first Free-to-Play coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Thirty players can take each other on in a grassy plain under a rainbow, a horror-stricken world of darkness, a mystical sea floor, and many other battlefields, using various spells, siege equipment, and over-the-top action.
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Happy Wars PAX Prime Hands-on Preview -- Free-To-Play Fun On The Xbox 360

Happy Wars PAX Prime Hands-on Preview -- Free-To-Play Fun On The Xbox 360

By Leah Jackson - Posted Sep 07, 2012

For years now, PC and mobile gamers have been enjoying hundreds of free-to-play titles and now with ToyLogic's Happy Wars, Xbox 360 gamers will get to join in the fun. Happy Wars marks the first free-to-play title coming to the console and it's absolutely packed with content. We got the chance to go hands-on with Happy Wars at PAX Prime 2012 and got to take a look at the game's multiplayer, single player, and its extremely robust store.

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The core of Happy Wars definitely lies in the multiplayer. In the mode we played, two teams of 15 players have to attack, invade, and destroy the opposing team's castle in ten minutes. Players can choose between three classes to get the job done: the warrior, the cleric, or the mage. Each class has a variety of skills and you can switch between classes every time you die.

The warrior is a melee focused class who deals damage to enemies with his sword. The cleric is a support class who can heal allies and summon materials for the other classes, which they can then use to build siege weapons. The mage is a ranged damage dealer who uses magic to attack.

When you're in game things become a bit chaotic with so many characters running around, but the game plays well and it's always clear what you're supposed to be doing. Fighting other players is easy and never gets dull thanks to the fast pace of the game and because you can switch between nine abilities on every class.

Happy Wars will also feature a single-player campaign which we didn't get to try out. In single player, you can do training missions against bots or play in different story-based missions with various winning conditions on three different difficulties. One will have players working to save a NPC Preacher from aliens and in a different one players will have to defend their castle from a zombie invasion.

By participating in the single and multiplayer, gamers will earn Happy Stars, one type of currency in Happy Wars. Happy Stars are used to buy all sorts of items and at launch, Happy Wars will have over a thousand items for players to buy and customize their characters with.

Character customization is a huge aspect of Happy Wars. You can customize each class' looks and outfits, as well equip them with all sorts of wacky items. You can change their hair, face, eyes, mouth, personality, and voice. In our demo, we created a zombie-looking Cleric who used a hotdog as his weapon and a pizza box as his shield. You get the idea. Each weapon has its own stats and you're limited to what you can equip based on how much weight your characters can hold. Better equipment weighs more, and as you play the game you'll rank up, allowing you to equip heavier more items.

Since Happy Wars is a free-to-play title, it will feature microtransactions in the form of Happy Tickets. Happy Tickets are used to purchase Happy Cards Packs, which consist of two common items and one premium, more powerful or cute item. You can find items by playing through the game, but if you want to be sure to  get a premium item, you'll need to purchase Happy Tickets.

happy wars

The cartoony look and feel of Happy Wars along with its easy to understand gameplay makes us think that younger gamers are going to absolutely devour the game. With over a thousand items to collect, six game maps to play on, and a single player campaign to adventure through, Happy Wars is looking to make its mark when it launches for free for Xbox 360 Gold members this fall.