Dead Island Riptide - Xbox 360

Dead Island Riptide
Game Description: Dead Island Riptide is the zombie-fueled sequel to Deep Silver's breakout open-world survival-horror game, Dead Island.
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Dead Island Riptide First Look Preview -- We Have to Go Back...and Kill More Zombies!

Dead Island Riptide First Look Preview -- We Have to Go Back...and Kill More Zombies!

By Rob Manuel - Posted Aug 31, 2012

Not to spoil the first game, but (FIRST GAME SPOILER!) you get off the island in the original Dead Island just as the storm hits. While munching on small packages of peanuts and watching terrible in-flight movies would make for a terrible sequel, Dead Island Riptide sends you hurling into a new island filled with mystery, adventure, and zombies...lots and lots of zombies.

Dead Island Riptide

Our demo threw us into about 6-10 hours into the new game as our two-man team lugs around a chain gun to a semi-submerged church out in the middle of the swap. As it turns out, the rains didn’t just bring the original characters to the new island.  You’re going to be waist deep in water and the undead. A returning cast of characters means that players of the original title will get a leg up on the rest of the gamers by being able to transfer their characters over.

Of course, players may be tempted to start from square one all over again when they get a chance to try out the new member of the team, who remains a mystery for now. I hope his special power focuses on lobbing beach furniture.

Another blessing that the developers talked about was the fact that you wouldn’t have to wait to get your firearms until later in the game. Now those proficient in packing heat can actually carry their weight in the first couple of levels.

Back to the church, we find out team getting through the swamp with little effort as they deliver the chain gun to the second level of the crumbling building.  As one member goes to put gas in the water pump, our main character fortifies the church from the coming zombie attack. Chain-link fence located around the parameter waits to be installed in each of the openings. The developers suggest laying the roll of fence right in front of the doorway for the zombie to trip over.

Dead Island Riptide

To help you and the survivors in this small but now fortified church, you need to pump out the water to reach lower parts of the church. Unfortunately, the only thing standing between you and the undead just happens to be the water. Think of it like Jell-O salad with undead bodies instead of bit of pineapple. As our guy runs around hacking away on the ground, our friend takes to the second story chain gun to make short work of those zombies.

To help with a little ground control, you now get mines to toss on the ground as a booby trap or as a way to get rid of a bad situation quickly. The crafting table returns with more items to create and modifications for the items you already know and love.

Along with a mess of new zombies, the new game engine puts a nice shine on just about everything. The weather now changes for time to time instead of just where you happen to be in the world. We watched as rains began to fall down around us as a rush of zombies tried to make their way into the church and to the remaining survivors inside. From the little bit we've seen so far, fans of the original game will definitely want to keep a close eye on the sequel as we learn more over the coming months.