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Sacred Citadel
Game Description: The side-scrolling action brawler Sacred Citadel, a new standalone title that is set in the rich universe of Sacred, will reinvent the familiar arcade feel of classic brawlers while setting a new standard for the future of side scrolling hack and slash games.
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Sacred Citadel Gamescom 2012 Preview -- They Hack and Scroll and Hack and Scroll and Hack

Sacred Citadel Gamescom 2012 Preview -- They Hack and Scroll and Hack and Scroll and Hack

By Rob Manuel - Posted Aug 17, 2012

If you are looking to take on some arcade action with some rather deep RPG elements, then look no further than Sacred Citadel, a continuation of the Sacred series in a side-scrolling beat-em up.

In our first taste of the game, we got to see what the warrior, ranger, and shaman could pull off in this epic bawl fest. Taking place in a future time of the Sacred series where the battles of the first two games are little more than whispered legend, you'll join together with several of your friends to take on a new menace threatening civilization as you know it. Call it a bloody Castle Crashers or a Ye Old Streets of Rage, either would be fitting and still not yet encompass everything that's behind Sacred Citadel.

Warrior bashed, ranger took shots from behind the line, and shaman buffed while throwing out a little magic to keep the nasties at bay. The game plays much like the brawlers of old like Golden Axe as you cut down anything in your path. But with time comes wisdom and a great combo system.

Now you and your friends can knock your foes up in the air to set up juggling combos or sweep an area with a couple of well timed super moves. As expected, you will get treasure and experience to modify your powers on your quest to rid the world of evil.

As a nod to Golden Axe, we got to see one of the riding mounts you can use to dash into enemies and flip them into the air. With the head of a dinosaur and two quick little legs underneath it, all you know is that you want to ride that thing around the level and cause plenty of damage.

The environment allowed for some interesting moments as well. More than just cell shaded eye candy, you could use things like a swinging log to fly in the face of your enemies or and unexpected ally if you wanted to play dirty. We expect to see more more of the way of the environment helping in your war even if your friends keep knocking you over.

Get ready to string up your bow and sharpen your axes when Sacred Citadel hits PSN, XBLA, and the PC sometime in 2013.