Deadpool - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre:
  • Developer: High Moon Studios
  • Release Date:Dec 31, 2013
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Sexual Content, Strong Language)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: High Moon Studios is developing this title based on the popular Marvel character.
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Deadpool First Look Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Slicing, Shooting, and Mouthing Off

Deadpool First Look Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Slicing, Shooting, and Mouthing Off

By Rob Manuel - Posted Aug 24, 2012

Since its announcement at ComicCon 2012, Marvel fans have been salivating over Deadpool finally getting his own video game. There’s no more sharing the limelight with the rest of the Marvel crew or having to wait as one of the unlockable characters of some game. The Merc with a mouth can no longer be silenced, and at Gamescom 2012, I saw the hit man do what he does best: talk and shoot.

Our mission begins with an assignment to knock off some Hollywood hotshot with more money than brains. But as it turns out, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to protect yourself with a highly fortified penthouse filled with your own personal army. From Deadpool’s trashy living room, we move to our first location, the sewers.

One of the great mechanics already shining through this early build of the title has to be the fact that the game is aware of its own tropes. The ever-change objectives are little more than a stream of conscious to add to the flood of madness that spews from Deadpool’s mouth. Everything in the game seems to setup or deliver the killing blow to a joke. Our loudmouth hero points out that every game needs a sewer level as he opens a box only to discover a bounce house.

Even during the craziest of fights, quips and one-liners practically fill every moment between the bullet casings hitting the floor and the ensuing explosions rocking the building. Deadpool still finds time between every squeeze of the trigger to argue with himself about anything and everything going on in the scene. If a new enemy appears with a shiny new gun, he won’t stop talking about it with his multiple personalities until he gets to fire off that new toy for himself.


For the demo, the developers only had a temp voice-over in place, but once Nolan North gets a hold of it, you better believe that the sky’s the limit. The man with the golden voice knows the merc with the mouth better than anyone else since he voices the same character across multiple shows and games. You can here his stellar work for yourself in the above trailer.

Enough talk already. Let’s kill something.

Deadpool breaks out his trusty swords and dual pistols as he moves through the penthouse taking on armed guards. Each slice or gun blast adds to one of several combo meters. Once they hit their limit, you can pull off one of several different room-clearing actions such as spinning on the ground with your swords out or swinging a pair of hammers. These are not your typical “save for a rainy day” actions since the combo meters fill once you stop attacking. Developers want players to keep moving and attacking as much as possible.

Building up combos also rewards you with DP (Deadpool Points). At the end of a mission, players throw these points into their weapons to level them up and give them added bonuses to cause even more damage.


The demo ends with Deadpool finding his target and throwing him out the window along with himself. As he rides his target through the air (a la Dr. Strangelove), they land--where else?--but on the bounce house from the beginning of the demo. Fast paced and hilarious, Deadpool will surely be on the top of every Marvel fan’s list when it comes out on 360 and PS3 in 2013.