LocoCycle - Xbox 360

Game Description: This high-octane motorcycle combat extravaganza combines Twisted Pixel's love for quirky, fast-paced action with classic arcade shooter designs and gameplay.
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LocoCycle PAX Prime 2012 Gameplay Preview -- Taking Out Baddies One Wheel-To-The-Face At A Time

LocoCycle PAX Prime 2012 Gameplay Preview -- Taking Out Baddies One Wheel-To-The-Face At A Time

By Leah Jackson - Posted Sep 07, 2012

LocoCycle is the fast and furious racing game that takes inspiration from classic racers like Road Rash and adds a hilarious Twisted Pixel twist. At PAX Prime 2012 we got our first look at the game and got to check out some of the crazy awesome moves that the motorcycle I.R.I.S. has to offer.


I.R.I.S. is the game's main character, a sentient motorcycle with a fierce personality. She's voiced by Lisa Foiles (All That, Even Stevens) and looks kind of a like a light cycle from TRON and speaks with the same sarcastic humor that's reminiscent of GLaDOS from the Portal series. It was announced at PAX Prime that I.R.I.S. nemesis, S.P.I.K.E., will be voiced by none other than Robert Patrick (Terminator 2).

Our demo focused on I.R.I.S. as she raced down El Highway trying to escape goons from Big Arms Academy School of Assassination, the people who created her. I.R.I.S. also had an engineer named Pablo who she dragged behind her who would help her in combat. But he was ultimately terrified and continuously begged to her slow down, something that seemed like a foreign concept to I.R.I.S.

As I.R.I.S. and Pablo sped down the highway, goons from Big Arms would pull up in black cars and it would be up to the LocoCycle and Pablo to take them out. I.R.I.S. is equipped with speed boosts and unlimited ammo that she unleashed on the goons to either kill them or blow up their cars, which caused huge cinematic explosions.

The other type of Big Arms goon in the demo were heavily armored guys in jet packs who could catch I.R.I.S. in speed and shoot missiles at her. Bullets weren't too good against them, so instead we utilized I.R.I.S.' melee combat mode to defeat them. Yet rather than turning in to a Transformer-esque mech, I.R.I.S. simply beats the crap out of people with her wheels.

It's pretty hysterical watching I.R.I.S. lift off the ground and stay airborne while whacking Big Arms guys over and over again with her front and rear wheels. I.R.I.S. can even pull off combos and in our demo we got up to a 36 hit combo that absolutely devastated the goons. Pablo was also incredibly useful against the jet packers, and could use strong counter attacks that would instantly take care of the goons if the player could time them just right.


Our LocoCycle demo was really short, but it left us with a big goofy grin on our face. I.R.I.S. was hilarious, constantly spouting out one-liners to Pablo, and her method of attack is absolutely incredible. Twisted Pixel's tagline is "We Make Awesome" and if LocoCycle continues speeding along in the same way we saw, it looks like the developer will have another awesome title to add to their repertoire. Look out for LocoCycle in 2013.