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Star Wars 1313
Game Description: Star Wars 1313 is a new dark and mature action-adventure game from Lucas Arts where players assume the role of a bounty hunter.
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Star Wars 1313 Preview: Star Wars, But Darker

Star Wars 1313 Preview: Star Wars, But Darker

By Leah Jackson - Posted Jun 05, 2012

Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 hopes to be the darker, grittier game that fans of the franchise have been pining for ever since we learned that Darth Vader used to have a habit of shouting "Yippee!" on a regular basis. In LucasArts' first endeavor into mature gaming, the company's teamed up with the likes of ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) and LucasFilm to bring gamers the most satisfying Star Wars experience possible. From our very brief glimpse of the game at E3 2012, it's looking like they definitely won't be disappointed.

Our demo started with LucasArts explaining the three core concepts behind Star Wars 1313. First and foremost, they wanted to create a cinematic action adventure experience. Sure, story is important in Star Wars 1313, but the action is where it's at. There are no Force powers in 1313, nor are there Jedi or any of their problems. In 1313, you play a lethal bounty hunter as he makes his way through the 1313th level of the city-covered capital of the galaxy, Coruscant. While it may be a glittering metropolitan jewel up top, the lower levels, like 1313, are dark and dangerous places where the underworld flourishes. It'll be up to you to survive what the bowels of Coruscant have to offer via powerful weaponry and items.

Star Wars 1313

LucasArts also noted how important lighting and camera angles are going to be in 1313 in order to make the game as cinematic and fluid as possible. The graphics of 1313, even in its current early state, look gorgeous running on a high-end PC. Cutscenes seamlessly blend into gameplay, and you really feel like you are playing through a movie rather than a video game. Explosions look real, every detail on your ship is crisp, but most importantly, the characters themselves are amazingly realistic thanks to all the top quality motion-capture work in the game.

In one instance, the ship taking your character down to level 1313 on Corusant gets bombarded by enemies from another ship trying to steal some of your cargo. Your companion has the brilliant idea to blow up both your ship and theirs to get rid of the problem, and the high-energy scene that follows is another core area that LucasArts wants to bring to 1313. With drones blowing up around you and ship parts flying everywhere, the game performs beautifully and sounds fantastic.

Star Wars 1313

What little combat there is to see happens once enemies begin attacking the ship. Our unnamed bounty hunter equips his blaster and goes to town on the drones, ducking behind cover whenever necessary. The current HUD in the game is minimalistic, enhancing the cinematic experience. LucasArts isn't talking about the different kinds of weapons you'll get in the game, but if they want to offer a core bounty hunter experience, I'm guessing we'll see things like grenades, sniper rifles, and all sorts of blasters once the game's complete. Maybe we'll even get to see a disintegration weapon for the Fett fans.

The climax of the demo features our bounty hunter having to heroically jump from his burning hell of a ship to the ship of the enemy. Then the Star Wars 1313 title logo fills the screen, leaving everyone in the room wanting more more more. This is only the briefest glimpse of Star Wars 1313 in a very early state, but already it's shaping up to be the gorgeous, cinematic Star Wars experience for which fans have been waiting.

Star Wars 1313 currently has no release date and has yet to be officially announced for any platform.


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