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Dead Space 3
Game Description: The third installment in Visceral Games' acclaimed survival-shooter series introduces a host of new features, including a vast icy planet to explore and a fully co-op campaign, a first for the franchise.
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Dead Space 3 Hands-on Gamescom 2012 Preview -- The Right Tool for the Fright Job

Dead Space 3 Hands-on Gamescom 2012 Preview -- The Right Tool for the Fright Job

By Rob Manuel - Posted Aug 16, 2012

Isaac gets to show off more of his engineering muscle in the Dead Space 3 with the introduction of weapons creation and modding in the game. I got my hands a little dirty as I tried to put my own spin on a few Dead Space classics.

The monsters may be the first thing that people think about when it comes to this horror franchise, but those mining tools turned tools of destruction come in a close second. Think about the power behind each of those saw blades as they cut through mutated skin or tear through another tentacle. Dead Space 3 wants to make each of those shots feel a little more personal by giving you the chance to make your own gun.

From the remaining bits and pieces of humanity you'll stumble across in your journeying, you can cobble together weapons, upgrades, and even items for you to use out in the field. Guns start with either a light or heavy base that you build on from there. The base determines if you're going in with something light and quick or something with a little more firepower to light up the night. One of the developers kindly made a list of all the fun guns that you can make just by putting certain pieces together. But I choose to try my hand at making my own monster-killer.

After picking the base, you'll have a selection of other parts to choose from to determine the type of ammo it uses, the effect it may have, and little things like ammo size and reload. As you pick each of the items, the diagram shows you your final creation with a quick illustration on the screen. The first gun I made shot rounds like a shotgun but each of them electrified the opponent. On top of that, the secondary fire allowed me to throw out a ball of electricity that would hurt anything that came near it.

From there, the sky was the limit. I made guns with a slow reload with a flamethrower as a secondary attack. One gun allowed me to stick mines on any surface and shoot with a mini pistol if things got just a little too hot. You know, classic stuff.

If you ever wanted to take on mutant creatures with a shotgun flame thrower, Dead Space 3 might just be the game you've been waiting for, so stay tuned as we creep ever closer to the game's February 5, 2012 release.