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Super Time Force
Game Description:Your mission is to erase history's dumb mistakes and make the world a better place in Super T.I.M.E Force. AS part of an elite squad of time-traveling badasses --Temporal Inevitability Manipulation Experts, or T.I.M.E. -- you must jump through time and kill what never should have happened. Altering pre-existing events in space-time could have dire consequences (including possibly but not limited to pissing off god, total annihilation of all matter of existence, and accidentally dating your mother,) but the risks are worth it for the betterment of the future!
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  • Super Time Force: Contra Meets Time Travel

    You immediately get Super Time Force as soon as you see it. Those ganglia in the back of your noggin screams only one thing – it’s Contra! You run, jump, shoot and do whatever you need to do in order to survive which mostly includes not getting it with any insta-kill shots whizzing by your head. The pixel art takes you back to a...

    Posted April 7, 2012

    Super Time Force: Contra Meets Time Travel