DmC Devil May Cry - Xbox 360

DmC Devil May Cry
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  • Release Date:Jan 15, 2013
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language)
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Game Description: DmC is a "reboot" of action gaming classic Devil May Cry. It features a younger Dante, but will keep the game-play from the original title.
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DmC Devil May Cry Hands-on Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Fire and Ice...and Death

DmC Devil May Cry Hands-on Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Fire and Ice...and Death

By Rob Manuel - Posted Aug 22, 2012

Gamescom 2012 gave fans of the sword-wielding, gun-toting Dante a little taste of what's to come in DmC Devil May Cry with a look at Bob Barbas, one of the bosses you'll face in this new word of demons and social commentary gone crazy. I, on the other hand, got my hands on the beginning of the level where Dante's world gets turned upside down...as in, actually, upside down.

My journey began falling off a bridge and landing on the twisted reflection under it. As I made my way between the floating platforms, large red gems stood in my path. No sweat. Thankfully, before I fell through the looking glass, I happened to pick up a set of Eryx, a pair of demon gloves that can punch their way through the gemstone without breaking a sweat.

The gloves turned out to be pretty handy when it came to taking on shielded enemies as well. It only took a couple of solid punches to turn their shields into scrap metal. And given enough time, the gloves charge up twice to land a devastating blow when needed. The problem is that you'll need time and space to get these gloves going, two things not often found in Dante's new world.

As I moved closer to Bob's TV studio, his smug voice echoed through the broken and twisted hallways. Re-education is your salvation. His words seemed directed at Dante at all times. Even with thousands of people listening to him, the only one that mattered was the one he wanted to see dead.

Dante continued his journey by making his way through the prison. I didn't need to see the fading shadows to hear the moans of the inmates as they called out for help from the other side of limbo. Dante reassured them just to hold on a little longer as he made his way through this twisted world.


One of the more interesting battles took place between a fire and ice-based, sword wielding enemy. The fire guy would give me only a brief second to move away from him before flames poured forth from the floor around him. Ice spikes shot up in a line from the ice-based enemy. And here's the trick: your regular weapon won't work on them.

You'll need to break out your demon-based item for that fire fiend and your holy weapon against the ice enemy. With enough footwork, you can get the enemies to attack each other. The ice spike froze his hotheaded companion in his tracks, allowing me to finish his off with a well-placed combo.

The demo ended with one more new enemy, a family of mutant rats. These things were as big as SUV's and twice as mean. If you give them too much space, they'll charge up to deliver a devastating attack. The yellow glow lets you know that you need to get away from these creatures as quickly as possible before they start shredding away at your life bar.

Make sure to keep your fingers nimble when DmC Devil May Cry hits the 360 and PS3 on January 15, 2013.