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Game Description:Harnessing the controller-free magic of Kinect for Xbox 360, Kinect: Disneyland Adventures will allow children and Disney fans of all ages to explore Disneyland park, enjoy immersive adventures based on popular attractions, engage in challenging quests, and interact with beloved Disney characters using their full bodies and voices, no controller required. Kinect: Disneyland Adventures is your ticket to the magical world of Disneyland through Kinect, right in your living room.
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Kinect Disneyland Adventures News

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  • Kinect Disneyland Adventures Gameplay With Attractions That Warm Our Cold, Cold Hearts

    With Kinect Disneyland Adventures, the team at Frontier Developments (Kinectimals) is hoping to evoke and reignite in players, young and old alike, that indescribably magical feeling of visiting a Disney theme park as a kid. Things like strolling through Main Street U.S.A., grabbing a Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream cone from a cart vendor, and...

    Posted October 11, 2011

    Kinect Disneyland Adventures Gameplay With Attractions That Warm Our Cold, Cold Hearts
  • Family Fun Games

    Posted: April 23, 2012

    2,071 Views | 02:02

  • Dubstep All The Games

    Posted: December 27, 2011

    31,903 Views | 01:22

  • Holiday Buyers Guide 2011 - Adam Sessler's Great Family Games

    Posted: November 28, 2011

    3,669 Views | 02:29

  • Kinect Disneyland Adventures "Main Street, U.S.A" Gameplay

    Posted: October 11, 2011

    8,630 Views | 02:20

  • Kinect Disneyland Adventures "Pirates of the Caribbean" Gameplay

    Posted: October 11, 2011

    4,578 Views | 02:05

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