Crimson Alliance - Xbox 360

Crimson Alliance
Game Description: Certain Affinity, the team behind numerous Call of Duty and Halo multiplayer map packs, ventures into the realm of fantasy with this action-RPG.
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It's no Diablo killer, nor will it remove Torchlight from its throne, but XBLA's Crimson Alliance successfully manages to scratch that hack-and-slash itch till its raw. While some action-RGP fans will whine over its focus on the former and lack of the latter, those looking to litter the cobblestones with monster corpses will definitely dig its addictive, dungeon-clearing combat.

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    Crimson Alliance Exclusive Hands-On Preview

    Certain Affinity is known for its work designing multiplayer maps for Call of Duty and Halo, and now the developer is putting its considerable pedigree and talents towards a full fledged title of its own. Check out our first hands-on look.

    Posted: Jun 3, 2011

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