History Great Battles Medieval Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:HISTORY Great Battles Medieval is a Real Time Strategy game set during the Hundred Years' War. It features different conflicts between England and France and allows you to play as either the English or the French. The English campaign is designed for beginners and you have the opportunity to fight as the Black Prince or Henry V. The French campaign is for experienced players and allows you to command Joan of Arc or the King of France.
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History Great Battles Medieval Cheats

  • Archers reach level 10

    Get a ranged unit to level 10

  • Best 3 of 5

    Win a Long Tug of War

  • Distance is the Best Defense

    Win a battle with only ranged units

  • For the Fleur de Lis

    Win first battle as French

  • Invincible

    Win a battle without losing a unit

  • Knights reach level 10

    Get a knight unit to level 10

  • Master Strategist

    Win a battle with one of each unit type

  • Best 2 of 3

    Win a Short Tug of War

  • Let the Battle Begin

    Complete the Tutorial

  • The Cavalry is Here

    Win a battle with only mounted units

  • Conquer the Playground

    Win a Sandbox Match

  • Defender of the Crown

    Win the French campaign

  • Knight

    Kill 1000 troops

  • Prince

    Kill 5000 troops

  • Tactician

    Complete a flanking maneuver

  • The First Step

    Recruit first troop

  • Knights in Shining Armor

    Win a battle with only knight units

  • Serf

    Kill 500 troops

  • Vassal

    Kill 2000 troops

  • Get on the Board

    Win a ranked match

  • Glory to the English

    Win the English campaign

  • Infantry reaches level 10

    Get an infantry unit to level 10

  • King

    Kill 10000 troops

  • Power in Numbers

    Recruit max number of units

  • All Around the World

    Get a unit into each corner of the screen

  • March to Victory

    Win a battle with only infantry units

  • Mounts reach level 10

    Get a mounted unit to level 10

  • 10 Heads are better than 1

    Recruit 10 units

  • For God and King

    Win first battle as English