Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description: As the world of wizards descends into chaos, Harry, Ron and Hermione must destroy Lord Voldemort in the epic battle of good and evil.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Cheats

  • Blind Luck

    Defeated 10 enemy wizards from cover, without aiming

  • Expelliarmus!

    Successfully dispelled 100 Protego shields with Expelliarmus

  • First Rung

    Completed your first challenge

  • Full of Character

    Found all characters

  • Having a Blast

    Triggered 5 explosive reactions

  • Mastering Magic

    Completed the game on Advanced

  • Petrificus Totalus!

    Successfully paralysed 100 enemy wizards using Petrificus Totalus

  • Shining Example

    Completed all challenges at Gold standard

  • Care of the Castle

    Escaped Voldemort with minimal damage to Hogwarts

  • Wizard-in-Training

    Completed the game on Normal

  • A Good Offence

    Defeated 10 enemy wizards before they cast a spell

  • Hogwarts Defender

    Defeated 1000 enemy wizards in the Main Story OR Challenges

  • Listen Up

    Found all Music Tracks

  • Up to the Challenge

    Completed all challenges

  • Back to You …

    Defeated 10 enemy wizards with Protego deflections

  • Covert Confidence

    Defeated 100 enemy wizards from cover

  • Accomplished Wizard

    Completed the game on Expert

  • Now You See Me

    Apparated over 100 metres

  • Complete Collection

    Collected 100% of all items

  • Expulso!

    Defeated 100 enemy wizards with Expulso

  • Getting There …

    Defeated 500 enemy wizards in the Main Story OR Challenges

  • Not a Scratch

    Completed a level without being defeated

  • Protego!

    Used Protego against 100 spells

  • Stopped in Their Tracks

    Defeated 5 enemy wizards with one Impedimenta cast

  • Strategic Spell-casting

    Defeated 50 enemy wizards using more than one spell

  • The Best Defence …

    Used Protego to defeat 20 enemy wizards at close range

  • A Good Start

    Defeated 100 enemy wizards, in the Main Story OR Challenges

  • Confringo!

    Defeated 100 enemy wizards with Confringo

  • That Showed Them …

    Defeated 4 enemy wizards with a Confringo cast