Toy Soldiers: Cold War - Xbox 360

Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Game Description: Little tiny soldiers will blast each other to pieces in this funny combat game. You'll drive, fly, and battle your way to victory in a re-imagined Cold War.
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4 / 5
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Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a innovative twist on the popular tower defense genre. Taking control of individual turrets and vehicles gives the genre a more aggressive spin, while forgiving checkpointing and compelling multiplayer options extend its life. It doesn't make the most out of its toy subject matter and the camera can be a pain, but this is otherwise a finely crafted piece of plastic pandemonium.

  • Toy Soldiers: Cold War Announced

    A sequel to Xbox Live Arcade title Toy Soldiers has just been announced. Toy Soldiers: Cold War is set in the 1980s, where little, tiny army guys...

    Posted March 9, 2011

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