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Ms. Splosion Man
Game Description: In this full-on sequel to the hit XBLA title, players assume the role of Ms. Splosion Man as she traverses a variety of new and treacherous environments, faces tons of new enemies, and collects a lot of shoes on her journey to rescue her one true splode.
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Ms. Splosion Man Mobile Hands-on Impressions -- Sploding on the Go!

Ms. Splosion Man Mobile Hands-on Impressions -- Sploding on the Go!

By Jake Gaskill - Posted Apr 08, 2012

Much to the dismay of anyone who enjoys their various iOS devices and Windows-based phones in working order (i.e. not crushed between their sweaty palms in a fit of abject, if not loving, rage), Twisted Pixel is bringing its Xbox Live Arcade sequel Ms. Splosion Man to mobiles (and PCs) everywhere later this year.

Ms Splosion Man

The Texas-based devs were on hand at PAX East 2012 to give attendees, like myself, a chance to get some hands-on time with the mobile title, and while it was still a little rough around the edges, it’s easy to see the game making a rather smooth transition to the portable platform.

For anyone familiar with the console version of Ms. Splosion Man, you know that it’s a fast paced, classically brutal platformer where your only modes of transportation are running and sploding to jump and catapult yourself around the game’s expansive lab settings. Because of the simple mechanics, the game feels right at home on an iPad, which is how I played it.

The virtual d-pad, like most iOS games that use them, took some getting used to, and the framerate made the already challenging platforming even more so. The game still has a lot of polishing yet to be done, so these kinks will likely be worked out come release.

Still, at this point, the pieces are in place. It’s set in the same eccentric and bizarre Ms. Splosion Man universe, shoe hugging and all. And tapping the screen to splode is just as satisfying as it is with a controller. Better still, the mobile version will feature a host of new platform specific features, of which there are no details of just yet. The game will also play out across levels that have been completely redesigned for the new platform.

The demo I played (while Twisted Pixel audio guru Chainsaw played a live rendition of “Brad” on his ukulele at the dev’s killer carnival-themed booth) was straight from the console version, but the final mobile game will be entirely new, but it will still be set in Ms. Splosion Man’s same overall environment.

This will no doubt allow Twisted Pixel to cater the brutal platforming to the mobile experience while also making it fresh and new for fans of the console title (and giving them the perfect excuse to finally stop putting off picking up insurance for their mobile devices, and PCs for that matter).

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