Yoostar 2 In The Movies Cheats - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Blitz Games
  • Genre:Party
  • Developer: YooStar
  • Release Date:Mar 8, 2011
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Alcohol and Tobacco Reference,Language,Mild Blood,Mild Violence,Sexual Themes)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: Yoostar2 Combines The Power Of New Console Platforms, Top Hollywood Movies And The Burgeoning Social Media Phenomenon Monday 14th June/... Everyone now has the opportunity to become a global movie star with Yoostar2. In an instant you can step into the shoes of famous characters from hundreds of movies, play out the part and then share your performance with the world.
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Yoostar 2 In The Movies Cheats

  • Double Act

    Perform a scene with a friend

  • Paternal Vengeance

    Score 5 out of 5 for Princess Bride's 'Tale Of The 6-Fingered Man'

  • Perfectionist

    Obtain 5 "Awesome Line" Result Medals in a single scene

  • Pillar Of The Community

    Upload 30 scenes and have them approved

  • Seal of Approval

    Give out your first Community Award

  • The Method

    Complete a 'Scripted' performance without receiving any red medals during playback

  • Video Background Completist

    Perform every Video Background on the disc

  • Yoo'll Be Back

    Score 5 out of 5 for 'I'll Be Back' from The Terminator

  • Yoostar Completist

    Perform every scene on the disc

  • All About Town

    Play all challenges in Challenge Mode

  • Critic

    Rate a scene on the Community

  • First Scripted Scene

    Perform your first Movie or TV scene with a "Scripted" play style

  • Hollywood Set Completist

    Perform every Hollywood Set on the disc

  • Monochrome

    Perform a Playlist using 5 black and white scenes on the disc

  • One To Watch

    Achieve 500,000 Fame

  • Professional

    Get 5 Top Marks Prizes for Performance Challenges

  • Can't See You But I Can Hear You

    Get an Invisible Actor rating during an 'Ad-Lib' performance

  • Here's Lookin' At Yoo

    Score 5 out of 5 for 'Here's Looking At You, Kid' from Casablanca

  • Paint the Town Gold

    Master a 5-Challenge Zone

  • Understatement

    Score 5 out of 5 for 'Houston, We Have A Problem' from Apollo 13

  • An Offer He Can't Refuse

    Score 5 out of 5 for 'An Offer He Can't Refuse' from The Godfather

  • Apparently, It's Alive…

    Score 5 out of 5 for 'It's Alive!' from Frankenstein

  • Clip Show

    Perform a Playlist with a Movie, a TV show, a Video Background and a Hollywood Set

  • First Unscripted Background

    Perform your first Video Background or Hollywood Set scene

  • Flip the Script

    Complete an 'Ad-Lib' performance without receiving any red medals during playback

  • In the Limelight

    Achieve 1,000,000 Fame

  • It's Not What You Say…

    Get a Silent Movie Actor or Mime Artist rating during an 'Ad-Lib' performance

  • Movie Completist

    Perform every Movie scene on the disc

  • Prolific Actor

    Perform 30 unique scenes

  • This…is…Yoostar!

    Score 5 out of 5 for 'This Is Sparta!' from 300

  • Extra! Extra!

    Follow the link on 10 newsfeed items.

  • Tour of the City

    Obtain one Top Marks Prize in every Challenge Mode Zone

  • Welcome To The Community

    Upload a scene and have it approved

  • Children and Animals

    Perform a Playlist using 5 on-disc scenes containing Children or Animals

  • Hitting The Big City

    Unlock Century City in Challenge Mode

  • Master Of Ceremonies

    Give out 100 Community Awards

  • Off By Heart

    Get a Top Marks Prize for a No Teleprompter Challenge

  • The Triple

    Get 3 'Awesome Line' Result Medals in a row during a performance

  • TV Completist

    Perform every TV scene on the disc

  • An Eye For Detail

    Obtain every Bonus Prize in Challenge Mode

  • Keys to the City

    Master Challenge Mode by obtaining every Prize

  • Map of the City

    Unlock all Challenge Mode Zones

  • Sound Bites

    Perform a 5-scene Playlist and achieve a Classic Line medal in every scene

  • Superscore

    Accumulate 10,000,000 points in total from multiple performances

  • You've Done a ??? Job!

    Get 3 Top Marks Prizes for Random Blanks Challenges

  • Endurance

    Obtain 10 Playlist Prizes in Challenge Mode

  • First Unscripted Scene

    Perform your first Movie or TV scene with an "Ad-Lib" play style

  • It's Just A Headache

    Score 5 out of 5 for 'It's Not A Tumor!' from Kindergarten Cop

  • Red Carpet Superstar

    Achieve 2,500,000 Fame

  • Veteran Critic

    Rate 100 scenes on the Community