Wildlife: Forest Survival - Xbox 360

Wildlife: Forest Survival
Game Description:Wildlife: Forest Survival progresses through a treacherous forest setting where players choose from one of four animals and tap into their selected animal’s strengths in order to annihilate their prey and escape their predators. Intense multiplayer arena battles let up to 12 players go head-to-head in the ultimate fight for survival, where aspiring assailants must balance tracking their prey and eluding their foes. Players must chose their animal carefully, though, as each comes with its own strengths and weaknesses: the rabbit relies on his quickness and Sense Danger ability to make a quick getaway from his pursuers, the fox uses its cunning to employ its Sneak Pounce ability and stun unsuspecting prey, the hawk soars above the forest and calculates the perfect timing to execute its Dive Bomb strike, and the gator dominates aquatic environments by moving swiftly through the water with its powerful jaws, but is challenged with slower speed on land.
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