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Game Description:Set in the days when a healthy paranoia about witches was considered normal, Knights Contract follows the twisted tale of Heinrich, an immortal executioner, and Gretchen, a resurrected witch. Once the victim of Heinrich's blade by the order of the game's antagonist, Dr. Faust, Gretchen now has him under her control as the two must work together to rid the land of the supernatural foes who are cursing its people with the black spell of death. Armed with a razor sharp scythe and explosive witchcraft, players will use these tools with spectacular effects in order to return civility to the land. As players succeed in their journey, they can deal tremendous damage to their on-comers or unleash a gruesome finisher by coordinating the efforts of Heinrich and Gretchen. However, players must also keep a close eye on Gretchen as her mortality is the key to the duo's survival as Heinrich can never be vanquished. It’s time to let the combos fly and lay waste to the hordes of darkness with a liberal dose of medieval panache.
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Knights Contract News

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  • Knights Contract: If It Bleeds, You Can Kill It

    Immortality is over-rated. At least according to Knights Contract in which the goal is for your un-killable hero to earn his sweet, deathly reward. But this close to release does the action-packed escort mission hold up? We go hands-on with the witchery and live to tell the tale. "The combination of Heinrich’s might and...

    Posted February 3, 2011

    Knights Contract: If It Bleeds, You Can Kill It
  • Knights Contract Release Date Revealed -- New Gameplay Footage And Screenshots

    Knights Contract officially has a release date. Namco Bandai's upcoming action game will be released on February 22, 2011. Knights Contract is multiplatform and will be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Along with confirming the launch date, Namco Bandai also released new gameplay screenshots and gamelpay footage. Based on these screenshots, I...

    Posted December 20, 2010

    Knights Contract Release Date Revealed -- New Gameplay Footage And Screenshots
  • Knights Contract Gameplay Preview

    Posted: February 15, 2011

    22,133 Views | 02:40

  • Knights Contract Gameplay Trailer

    Posted: December 17, 2010

    7,070 Views | 01:42

  • Knights Contract TGS 2010 Trailer

    Posted: September 17, 2010

    7,637 Views | 01:59

  • Knights Contract Gamescom 2010 Trailer

    Posted: August 18, 2010

    5,961 Views | 02:12

  • E3 2010: Knights Contract E3 Trailer

    Posted: June 15, 2010

    2,489 Views | 02:13

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