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Deadliest Warrior: The Game
Game Description:Based on the popular Spike TV series, “Deadliest Warrior: The Game” allows you to choose one of eight warrior classes and your fighter with an ever-growing selection of signature weaponry. Enter the Fight Lab training simulation (in Practice Mode) to test the lethality and precision of your weapons against various targets and armor types, or complete a series of challenges to unlock your warrior’s full arsenal in Challenge Mode. You’ll learn about each warrior’s strengths and weaknesses and then develop your own tactics for each potential matchup. True to the brutal realities of combat, there are no health pickups, and warriors will show the bloody scars of battle, be crippled, lose limbs or even get beheaded, during combat.
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E3 2010: Deadliest Warrior: The Game Preview

E3 2010: Deadliest Warrior: The Game Preview

By Alexandra Hall - Posted Jun 24, 2010

Deadliest Warrior

What We Already Know

Absurdity, thy name is "Deadliest Warrior." In case you've been hiding like a Ninja being chased by a Samurai, "Deadliest Warrior" is a Spike TV show that pits two historical killers against each other via computer simulation. And that makes it sound more serious than it deserves. Now, it's turning into a one-on-one fighter.

What We're Seeing Now

Let's be honest: Most small-name fighters aren't so hot, and that goes doubly if they're not Japanese. But Deadliest Warrior: The Game took me by surprise. I'm not yet sure it's a winner, but it sparked my interest and made me laugh, and that's worth something.

Deadliest Warrior pulls seven warriors from season one and an eighth from season two, all from ancient eras. It wouldn't be sporting to pit a modern Taliban vs. an ancient gladiator, after all. (One word: guns.) And yep, they fight to the death.

Deadliest Warrior

What's interesting is just how quickly death comes. Deadliest Warrior definitely takes some inspiration from Bushido Blade, in that a decisive blow can end a round in seconds. My big question is if skill actually prevails over mashing, which I wasn't able to determine during my short demo. I beat the developer at least as much as he beat me, which made me wonder.

It'll take more play to figure out if Deadliest Warrior actually has any tactical depth or if its guard breaks, special moves, parries and killing blows are just goofy spectacle. It definitely has potential for some silly fun, though, even if it's not the next Street Fighter IV.

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  • crocmaster

    I like the show deadliest warrior enough and now theres a video game! how awesome is that! this game is going to be as sick as assassins creed brotherhood. If I had to rate this game 0 to 10 I would rate it 5 billion out of 10 that's how sick this game is to me

    Posted: July 24, 2010 1:12 PM