Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:As Spider-Man, players will experience a wide variety of gameplay and dramatic environments. The Amazing Spider-Man experience delivers innovative web combat and visuals in a world that pays tribute to the classic era of the legendary Super Hero. In contrast, Spider-Man Noir features a cunning and covert depiction of Spider-Man, who utilizes shadows to perform stealth takedowns in a 1930's-influenced, black-and-white cinematic environment.
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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Cheats

  • Alternate Costumes

    Complete the Tutorial and enter the following at the main menu:

    Code: Left, Right, Right, Down, Right, Down, Up, Left

  • Alternate Costumes

    Complete the Tutorial and enter the following at the main menu:

    Code: Left, Right, Right, Down, Right, Down, Up, Right

  • Alternate Costumes

    Complete the Tutorial and enter the following at the main menu:

    Code: Right, Up, Left, Right, Up, Left, Right, Up, Left, Right

  • Alternate Costumes

    Complete the Tutorial and enter the following at the main menu:

    Code: Up, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Down, Up

  • Manifest Destiny

    Complete the Web of Destiny

  • Smooth moves

    Unlock all Combat upgrades

  • Spectacular!!!

    Complete 12 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode

  • Lead on, M-Dubs!

    Complete the Tutorial

  • End of Act 3

    Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level

  • Missed me!

    Defeat a boss on any difficulty level without taking damage

  • The complete package

    Unlock all Character upgrades

  • Two hundo

    Execute a 200-hit combo (except the Tutorial)

  • Close call!

    Recover 10 times from a Critical Fall

  • Easy as pie!

    Complete all levels on Easy

  • Fanatic

    Collect 500 Spider Emblems

  • Getting warmed up

    Defeat 100 enemies

  • Hobbyist

    Collect 125 Spider Emblems

  • Enthusiast

    Collect 250 Spider Emblems

  • Is this normal?

    Complete all levels on Normal

  • Amazing!

    Complete 4 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode

  • End of Act 2

    Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level

  • In the zone

    Defeat 500 enemies

  • Sensational!!

    Complete 8 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode

  • The Spider's grace

    Complete a 2099 freefall section without taking damage

  • The Spider's web

    Defeat 50 enemies using the Amazing Charge Attack

  • Uncle Benjamin

    Execute a 100-hit combo (except the Tutorial)

  • Ain't no stoppin'!

    Defeat 1000 enemies

  • Bug collector

    Collect all Hidden Spiders

  • End of Act 1

    Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level

  • Hard pressed

    Complete all levels on Hard

  • The Spider's bite

    Keep Rage Mode active for one minute

  • The Spider's shadow

    Complete a Noir level without triggering an alarm

  • Canceled!

    Defeat Deadpool on any difficulty level

  • Minimized Carnage

    Defeat Carnage on any difficulty level

  • The hammer falls

    Defeat Hammerhead on any difficulty level

  • Final curtain call

    Defeat Mysterio on any difficulty level

  • Lay down your arms

    Defeat Doc Ock on any difficulty level

  • Circus freak

    Defeat Goblin on any difficulty level

  • Something CAN stop Juggernaut!

    Defeat Juggernaut on any difficulty level

  • The caged bird squawks

    Defeat Vulture on any difficulty level

  • Took the sting out of him

    Defeat Scorpion on any difficulty level

  • Here's mud in your eye!

    Defeat Sandman on any difficulty level

  • No harm done

    Complete any level without dying (except the Tutorial)

  • Now there's a shock

    Defeat Electro on any difficulty level

  • Survival of the fittest

    Defeat Kraven on any difficulty level

  • Clipped wings

    Defeat Hobgoblin on any difficulty level

  • Defeating Electro (second fight)

    Now powered with the tablet, Electro's become larger-than-life (and still pantsless). Dodge his laser attack that goes across the screen and when given an opening, goop up his hand. He'll loosen his hand and bash the dam, which should give you an idea of how this will ultimately end. After doing this a couple of times, he starts recharging, so...

  • Defeating Hammerhead (second fight)

    Now powered with the tablet, Hammerhead's got tommy guns for hands now! Trying to take him head on is a very bad idea, so you have to outsmart him. There are steam engines all around the boss area, so stand behind one and get Hammerhead to shoot at it. Once the room fills with steam, web sling above Hammerhead and perform a takedown from behind....

  • Defeating Doctor Octopus

    The impatient will fall in this battle quickly. The start of the fight starts easily enough. Web Pull the reactor cores out from Ock's machine. Lasers will hunt you down and if they hit you, you'll have to start over, so use your Accelerated Vision to buy you some time. Once all the reactor cores are out, Ock will start chasing you around and...

  • Defeating Mysterio

    This final boss fight involves controlling all of the Spider-Men, one at a time. The fight begins with Spider-Man: Noir doing what he does best, sneaking around in the shadows. Avoid Mysterio's light and web-sling close to Mysterio until the takedown prompt appears. Perform a takedown to easily end this part of the fight. You now control...

  • Earning the Uncle Bejamin and Two-Hundo Achievements

    Before anything, make sure you purchase the right Combat Upgrades. Buy the Spider Attack, Spider Rush, and Spider Assault upgrades to up your combo to a five-hit string. Also, make sure to buy the Spider Stomp to perform a good ground pound move. Now you need targets, but you likely won't get them until the very end of the game. In fact, your...