Hunted: The Demon's Forge - Xbox 360

Game Description:Set in a dark fantasy world is an unforgettable cooperative action game, pitting you and your partner against waves of vicious enemies. Taking control of either E’lara, a ranged weapon expert, or Caddoc, a master swordsman, you must use a variety of weapons, powerful spells, and cover tactics to battle your way through menacing dungeons, overgrown ruins, and downtrodden towns. Discover secrets and complete co-op-based puzzles whilst exploring the sinister world to discover answers to the game’s deep, dark mysteries.
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3 / 5
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    3.3 / 5
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Hunted is a title for gamers who can turn off their brains and enjoy smashing some ugly baddies in the head. It's a lot like crushing a bug with a shoe: it isn't pretty but it gets the job done.

  • Video Preview

    Brink and Hunted PAX East 2011 Preview


    Bethesda was at PAX East showing off co-op adventure Hunted: The Demon's Forge and shooter Brink, and Morgan Webb visited with Game Directors Paul Wedgewood and Maxx Kaufman for a look at all the leveling up action and characters E'Lara and Caddoc.

    Posted: Mar 17, 2011 | 14,026 Views | 03:04

  • Preview

    Hunted: The Demon's Forge Hands-On Preview

    We go hands-on with Bethesda's brutal fantasy co-op focused action title Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

    Posted: Feb 28, 2011

  • Preview

    Hunted: The Demon's Forge QuakeCon 2010 Preview

    Hunted: The Demon's Forge has been jokingly referred to by the team at inXile as Gears of Warcraft, and it's an appropriate description. It's a co-op (either real or A.I.) RPG set in the world of swords and sorcery.

    Posted: Aug 16, 2010

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