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Game Description:In Bodycount players become ensnared in a clandestine global power struggle as a powerful combat asset with a green-light to eliminate enemies known only as ‘Targets’ on behalf of the ‘Network’. Equipped with a mouth-watering selection of contemporary weapons, players and opponents tear through destructible cover to execute explosive kills in a shreddable world where operatives are encouraged to leave no witnesses.
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Bodycount Previews

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  • Preview

    Bodycount Hands-On Preview -- Does Bodycount Mode Make the Grade?

    In our latest look at Codemasters' explosive shooter, we put our unrelentingly destructive hands to the test in the game's points-based Bodycount Mode.

    Posted: Aug 8, 2011

  • Preview

    Bodycount E3 2011 Hands-On Preview -- The Joys of Shooting to Thrill

    Bodycount distills first-person shooting action down to one, simple idea: mow down everything in sight with as many bullets as you can muster. See how this relatively simple concept is shaping up in our latest hands-on look.

    Posted: Jun 14, 2011

  • Video Preview

    BodyCount Preview


    Blair Herter gives you a preview of the upcoming multiplatform game BodyCount. Find out about the game's storyline, seasons, weapons, guns, destructible environments and more in this X-Play Preview of BodyCount.

    Posted: Jul 15, 2010 | 14,914 Views | 02:34

  • Preview

    E3 2010: Bodycount Hands-On Preview

    We strap on our finest Kevlar and secure our earplugs for our Bodycount E3 2010 hands-on preview.

    Posted: Jun 15, 2010

  • Bodycount Video Review

    Posted: September 13, 2011

    4,794 Views | 02:56

  • Bodycount Gameplay Trailer

    Posted: June 29, 2011

    8,450 Views | 01:49

  • BodyCount Preview

    Posted: July 15, 2010

    14,914 Views | 02:34

  • E3 2010: Bodycount Interview

    Posted: June 24, 2010

    2,724 Views | 03:36

  • E3 2010 Live: Bodycount Hands-On Demo

    Posted: June 17, 2010

    8,421 Views | 05:00


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