Alice: Madness Returns Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description: Step back through the looking glass as the disturbingly awesome vision of American McGee's Alice trips out a new sequel, courtesy of developer Spicy Horse and EA.
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Alice: Madness Returns Cheats

  • Unlock Silk Maiden dress

    Complete Oriental Grove (Ch. 3)

  • Unlock Misstitched dress

    Complete The Dollhouse (Ch. 5)

  • Unlock Classic dress

    Complete Infernal Train (Ch. 6)

  • Unlock Siren dress

    Complete Deluded Depths (Ch. 2)

  • Unlock New Game +

    Complete the game once.

  • Unlock Royal Suit dress

    Complete Queensland (Ch. 4)

  • Unlock Steamdress dress

    Complete Hatter's Domain (Ch. 1)

  • 52 Pick-Up

    Defeat 52 Card Guards

  • Calm In the Face of Death

    While on your last Rose, kill 5 Enemies without activating Hysteria

  • Cold Arms, Cold Heart

    Defeat the Drowned Sailor without taking any damage

  • Everything fit to remember

    Find all Memories

  • Family memories fond and faded

    Find all Liddell Memories

  • The End of Daze

    Complete Wonderland Chapter 5

  • Dead Hatter

    In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Behind the Looking Glass

  • Eyes on the Size

    Find the hidden Shrink Sense Decal

  • Full Recovery

    In American McGee’s Alice, Complete the Game

  • Shooting the Moon

    Collect 4 Jars of Rose Paint

  • That's Using Your Head

    Complete Off With Her Head Part 2 in under 6 minutes

  • The Beginning of the End

    Complete Chapter 1 on Nightmare Difficulty

  • Grandmaster

    Complete a Chess Puzzle without failing

  • Madness Begins

    In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Village of the Doomed

  • Tea Party

    Destroy 10 Ruin Barriers

  • Venting frustration

    Spend 7 minutes on steam vents

  • Just peachy

    Collect all Peaches in the Scroll of Destiny

  • Level-Headed

    Finish the game using Hysteria only once

  • No quarter! No mercy!

    Defeat 100 Ruin Enemies

  • Royal Approach

    In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Queen of Heartsland

  • The Persistent Flourish

    Complete the Game on Hard Difficulty

  • Beware of the Lagomorph

    Kill 30 enemies with the Clockwork Bomb

  • Grind 'em All!

    Kill 5 Bolterflies in a row with the Pepper Grinder

  • Madness Prevails

    Complete the Game on Nightmare Difficulty

  • Nothing Like the Smell of Bacon

    Pepper All Snouts in a Chapter

  • Painting the Town Red

    Complete all Radula Rooms

  • Pulling Strings

    Defeat the Dollmaker without taking any damage.

  • Skool-Leaver

    In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Fortress of Doors

  • Out of the Woods

    In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Wonderland Woods

  • The Imaginative Endure

    Complete the Game on Normal Difficulty

  • The Strong Survive

    Complete the Game on Easy Difficulty

  • Weapon Schizo

    Hobby Horse to Vorpal Blade to Hobby Horse Combo

  • Brollyant

    Kill 10 Bitch Babies with Deflection

  • Dress-Ups

    Equip a Different Domain Dress

  • Seasoned Campaigner

    Pepper All Snouts in the Game

  • Ship of Fools

    Complete HMS Gryphon without taking Damage

  • Hatter's Demise

    Complete Wonderland Chapter 1

  • Armed to the Teeth

    Fully upgrade all weapons

  • Death by Darjeeling

    Acquire the Teapot Cannon

  • The Harder They Fall

    Complete Wonderland Chapter 4

  • When Worlds Collide

    Complete Wonderland Chapter 3

  • No Happy Returns

    Back to Wonderland

  • Strange Hobby

    Acquire the Hobby Horse

  • Ground Pork

    Acquire the Pepper Grinder

  • Snicker-snack!

    Acquire the Vorpal Blade

  • End of Innocence

    Complete Vale of Tears

  • Neighslayer

    Hit 4 Enemies With a Single Hobby Horse Ground Smash

  • Grim Folly

    Complete Wonderland Chapter 2

  • More than a Mouthful

    Fully upgrade a weapon

  • Strike a Deal

    Upgrade a Weapon