Bomberman Live: Battlefest - Xbox 360

Bomberman Live: Battlefest
Game Description: In this sequel to the wildly popular Xbox Live Arcade title, players will once again be able to face off again up to eight players online in explosive and frenetic arcade action. The new game includes new arenas, new modes, new power-ups, new costumes, as well the ability to form teams and use avatars as playable characters.
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E3 2010: Bomberman Live: Battlefest Preview

E3 2010: Bomberman Live: Battlefest Preview

By Alexandra Hall - Posted Jun 23, 2010


What We Already Know:

Bomberman, gaming's cutest terrorist, is getting another go-round on XBLA, PSN and WiiWare. It'll deliver the same sort of frantic gameplay you'd expect from (almost) any Bomberman game, with support for up to eight players online.

What We're Seeing Now:

Bomberman Live: Battlefest is one of those "more stuff" sequels. It looks just like any other modern Bomberman title, only with more power-ups, more maps, more player customization (360 avatar support), more, more, more.

E3 2010 Bomberman Live: Battlefest Screenshot

It plays like Bomberman games have played for 15+ years now: Set bombs, avoid the explosions, kill your friends. Tweaks are minor: The formula's basically ossified.

The one thing that's supposedly "less" is the netcode, which is said to be less broken than Bomberman Live's. Let's hope that's true, because Bomberman games live and die by their multiplayer. There's not even a hint of single-player action this time out, and good riddance.

If you're looking for a new Bomberman fix, this'll likely be the version to get upon its release late this year. Just don't be expecting anything revelatory.

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