Lucidity - Xbox 360

Game Description:LucasArts has announced a brand new platformer, and it has nothing at all to do with Star Wars! According to LucasArts, Lucidity takes players on a trip into the imagination of Sofi, a young girl who is" filled with a persistent desire to explore new worlds and overcome all obstacles in her way." The game is described as a "challenging puzzle platform game," where "players are tasked with keeping Sofi safe as she drifts deeper into the strange new world of her dreams. Through quick reaction and placement of randomly generated puzzle pieces, players must create a path through beautifully detailed dreamscapes to keep Sofi in perpetual motion and deliver her to safety." So the players manipulate the environment around Sophi, who moves automatically.
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A competent puzzle/platformer in avant-garde clothing, Lucidity is heavy on art style, but fails to handle its material maturely. The core mechanics are equal parts tense and frustrating, and it's good fun for awhile, though it quickly runs out of ideas. However, for the ten-dollar price point, it might be worth a look.

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