Where the Wild Things Are Cheats - Xbox 360

Game Description:This kid-friendly platformer is the companion to Spike Jonze's film adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's book of the same name. As the adventurous and imaginative Max, players will interact with the story's classic characters and journey through one of the most cherished story worlds of all time. Simple controls and polished visuals bring the world of the Wild Things to life for kids of all ages to enjoy.
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Where the Wild Things Are Cheats

  • Infinite Health

    Collect all 60 skulls to unlock Infinite Health.

  • The Wild Things won't eat you

    Collect all 60 bee hives and the Wild Things won't eat you.

  • Treasures show up when holding the back button

    Collect all 60 geodes and then when you hold the Back button you'll see all treasures.

  • Your ship doesn't take damage

    Collect all 60 seeds and your ship won't take damage.

  • Kill enemies in one hit

    Collect all 60 turtles to unlock the ability to kill enemies in one hit.

  • Commodore

    Complete a Sailing mission without crashing

  • Greased Lightning

    Defeat 25 Lightning Bugs

  • Beekeeper

    Collect all Honeycombs

  • Friend of Bull

    Collect 25 Skulls

  • Friend of Carol

    Collect 25 Houses

  • Friend of Ira

    Collect 25 Geodes

  • Gymnast

    Power-swing from three bars

  • King

    Complete the game on Hard

  • On Fire

    Defeat 250 Fireflies

  • Three Square Meals

    Be eaten by three different Wild Things

  • Demolitionist

    Defeat five enemies with one firefly bomb

  • Friend of Alexander

    Collect 25 Turtles

  • Friend of Judith

    Collect 25 Seeds

  • Galaxy

    Find 65 Stars

  • Veterinarian

    Collect all Turtles

  • Allergen

    Cause three different Wild Things to sneeze

  • Friend of Douglas

    Collect 25 Honeycombs

  • Stranger

    Complete the game on Easy or higher

  • Glass Houses

    Start a Dirt Clod Fight with multiple Wild Things

  • Jack of Hearts

    Earn 4 Hearts

  • King of Hearts

    Earn 7 Hearts

  • Star Cluster

    Find 40 Stars

  • Captain

    Complete a ride with Carol without crashing

  • Geologist

    Collect all Geodes

  • Green Thumb

    Collect all Seeds

  • Incubator

    Collect all Owl Eggs

  • Nova

    Find 5 Stars

  • Real Estate Mogul

    Collect all Houses

  • Supernova

    Find 20 Stars

  • The Cleaner

    Defeat 100 Shadow Creatures

  • Hamlet

    Collect all Skulls

  • Hero

    Complete the game on Normal or higher

  • Wild Rumpus!

    Defeat 15 enemies in a row in melee without being hit

  • Worst King Ever

    Allow three different Wild Things to fade into oblivion

  • Ace of Hearts

    Earn 10 Hearts

  • Friend of KW

    Collect 25 Owl Eggs

  • Universe

    Find 95 Stars